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    Pro-ject rpm9 carbon
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  1. @radiant red thank you! I am open to suggestions, just not very keen on Lavardin. I am also lacking on shelf space for a separated amplifier, but I will think about it and see if I can come up with a solution. Vincent is definetely easier to get on loan here, that is for sure. I really like the fact that sugden is a small family manufacturer, made in england. But in the end it has to be about sound
  2. I am sorry. Noob mistake. I clicked save but didnt answer the "trade question". So it didnt save and I didnt realize it Now it should be visible. At least I see it now
  3. Thank you all for your inputs so far. I have now updated my profile. I invested more on the vinyl front end as I use it to listen to classic rock and hard rock with headphones. I live in an small appartment and so I use the speaker for "calmer music" (still some rock, jazz, acoustic music, etc) and am looking for ways to improve my enjoyment at low levels. Right now the system needs some volume to "wake up", which is far from ideal. Speakers are dynaudio x14. I dont have a dedicated room and cant change them (long story, dont ask.. lol), so I planning to update their crossover parts on the next few months and see what this brings to the table. I must say I quite like the Dynaudio sound so I imagine that when/if I am able to upgrade in the future, I would first look at Dyns like S40 or used Contours. The ANV50 is pushing my price limits but would heat much less, cost less to use due to much lower energy consumption and be more flexible for the future. However I keep thinking if it really sounds better to justify the big price difference, especially at low volumes and how it portrays vocals. Unfortunately better dealers carrying sugden around here are few and all far away from me (like 500km) and the one I called actually tried to sell me a Lavardin.... So it didnt really help
  4. Hello to all from Germany, I am new to the forum and joined because I am strongly considering a Sugden as my next amp. I am interested in the ANV50 but there aint really many reviews or perceptions I could find. Most impressions are in this forum I think. I am wondering if the members think that the ANV50 has any weakness compared to the Sugden a21se? From reading I kind of understood that they share some similarities in sound signature and both are quite different in sound from the a21a. But as the ANV50 is not "pure class A", I wonder if the A21SE is still a better candidate for low volume listening? Any thoughts are apprecciated. @HouseElf from reading here I understood that you recently bought the ANV50 for the second time, to go with Dyns S40, and you were very happy with it. I would apprecciate to hear your current thoughts on this amp, as I think in the end you decided to sell it? Thank you
  5. Hi ozzyyears,

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