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  1. Will do You know the day will come but knowing never makes it any easier. Sorry for your loss. It wasn't a life or death situation but it was still traumatic at the time. He was running around the garden like a lunatic with our other dog and slammed into a concrete slab l had laid for the hot tub. We thought he'd broke his leg by the sound he made.. it was awful. Turns out he'd smashed the ligaments in his paw joint... irreparable. The choice was either lose the leg or have metal plates fitted... we chose the expensive option. Thank you both for your thoughts. And without trying to turn this thread into a doggy pics thread here's our boy before and after... looking sorry for himself - he's on the mend
  2. Thank you all for your responses and recommendations it's been of great help. I've had to put my speaker plans on the back burner for now though. Had a bit of a catastrophe with one of our dogs which has meant all of my available funds have been depleted with vets bills... We're up to around £7,500 (and no he wasn't insured). It's been a worrying time and I've not been in the right head space to think about HiFi. Thanks again for all the input, much appreciated
  3. Speaker cables are the transparent type with the silver & copper cores (+plus -minus respectively). I'm using 24K gold plated banana plugs, the makers name is Voso. My interconnects are from my old 80's technics system... dunno' if they're phono or RCA, I honestly don't know the difference.
  4. When we first moved to this house my next door neighbour told us how that in her youth she used to be a pa to the likes of Bros & Pet Shop Boys. She said Bros were a lovely couple of lads but that Neil Tennant was a "horrible, horrible man" (she's very posh and doesn't swear). She said she'd make him a cup of tea and when she took it to his room he wouldn't even thank her... not only that he wouldn't even look at her. I think we can safely assume he's a coont as well
  5. I didn't get chance up until today what with work commitments and the general life stuff we all have to do. But this afternoon (with all the great advice from here in mind) I spent a good chunk of time trying various speaker positions. I've tried rugs in front of, and under them, I've tried different genres of music from different sources of media. About the only thing I've not tried is what Richdirector has suggested: "a heavy room dividing curtain". Oh and I've not tried any kind of isolation that has been mentioned.. although I did try sitting the speakers on four rubber pencil erasers, then I sat my phone on top of the speaker cabinet, then did a before and after test with a vibration app... I'm guessing you all know how that went Anyway, the verdict of the jury (namely me) has decided I need to try an upgrade. The more I listen carefully to these speakers the more the higher frequencies sound... I don't exactly know what the right terminology is but I will say they sound coarse & shrill. This may have something to do with the fact I like to listen to music on the louder side. Pair that with the fact I have a big'ish room and an entry level amp. The lower frequencies sound ok I guess but I'm sure if I tried some R700's like CnoEvil has recommended I'd get more oomf! for my money. So I have perused the interwebs for a pair of used Kef R700's and at the mo' there doesn't seem to be any about for sale. Although I did come across some Focal Aria 936 complete with gaia III feet that seem reasonable. What's the forum thoughts on these? I'm not in any mad rush though, I could probably wait 'til some R700's come on the market, they do seem to be liked quite a lot. What I did like about the Focal website though was the fact that they actually give you an idea of the room size these would be good for: I wish all speaker manufacturers would do this, it would make the selection decision a whole lot easier for the uninitiated like myself.
  6. That's the type of thing I would buy. Definitely minimalist
  7. Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal Max Graham Vs Yes - Owner of a lonely heart. Not a cover as such but a great version. (Warning: contains scantily clad ladies within). Freemasons ft. Bailey Tzuke - Uninvited
  8. Love Soma FM. I used to listen to Groove Salad all the time
  9. I think I will probably have better speakers before I ever contemplate purchasing and trying out separate amps. I realise it doesn't necessarily apply to audiophiles but I'm definitely a "less is more" kinda guy, I like the minimalistic look. And I can hear her now if I bought more stuff... "oh no, not more gadgets".
  10. I kinda knew what EQ meant but it's mildy embarrassing to admit I had to google DSP So if I'm reading it right DSP is a more advanced version of the cheap Technics Graphic equalizer I binned? I like the drawing But in the real world this is what it would look like:
  11. I need to come to one of your shows so I can learn and hear what these terms sound like in the real world
  12. Funny you should say that: Kef R700 speakers - gloss black. Immaculate Condition Although there were some that sold on ebay recently for a lot less than what those are going for at the mo'. I'm going to keep my powder dry for now.
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