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  1. Now having only just bought my LP12 this year with Karousel, Kore, Lingo 4, Trampoline 2 and Akito 3 then my plan the foreseeable is to just enjoy the music. Now whether that will last all the way through 2022 who knows. I sort of doubt it. Couple of things on my mind - try out either a Nagaoka MP500 or Ortofon Black LVB and potentially switch to a Lejonklou Slipsik 7.1. I am currently running a AT VM750SH into a Graham Slee Reflex M with PSU1. Or go for it and move to MC. Glenn
  2. Michael, you have started me on something now. My Starrett 136 turned up this morning. I have spent a pleasant hour+ getting the wall mount, oak plinth and deck level. It was out, not by a lot but I can now sit here pleased without my mornings work !! Glenn
  3. Now that an interesting question. The basic Rega deck was ok, switching the cartridge up to the Rega Exact (and later the VM750) and upgrading the platter/sub platter/arm made a big difference. In the end, I got a really acceptable sound out of the Rega. Good soundstage and imaging. The Linn is clearly a step up - better definition, bass, clarity, detail and I am hearing things I haven't heard before. Its also a work of art compared to a 'slab of MDF with an arm' !! I would still recommend a Rega to someone getting started - I got a very acceptable sound of it and learned a lot from tinkering. No plans to tinker with the LP12 - might consider a move to MC next year which will mean new cart/s and phono stage. Thanks for the comments and welcome. I have enjoyed reading through the last 6 months of posts. Glenn
  4. thanks all - and Michael thanks for the welcome ! That level is on Amazon UK. I had been thinking of staining my piece of oak. Glenn
  5. Its sounds great and the oak is all I had knocking around. I agree on the colour. Cheers
  6. Good Morning All (from the UK), Just over 3 years ago, I rediscovered vinyl via a new Rega Planar 3. Over the last 3 years I have focused on building up my record collection and on how I can improve the sound. That resulted in lots of mods and changes, new amp and speakers. Anyway, I decided this week it cut my losses and get an LP12. Its an ex display model with Karousel, Kore, Lingo 4, Tramp and an Akito 3. The only addition from me was the AT VM750SH. After a couple of days of listening, I am really pleased. Enough of the ramble, I want to pick your brains on positioning of the deck. As you can see from the photo's, I have a Rega wall mount and I have put the LP12 on a piece of Oak which is sitting on the wall mount. You blokes know your stuff and may help me short cut trying different locations and platforms. Any advice ? thanks for listening Glenn
  7. Whats the serial number / age Stephen ?
  8. My Smiths 12"'s and the studio albums.
  9. Black Sheep is run by Paul Theakson but is a different brewery on the other side of Masham. Theakstons is still there - love old Peculiar and Best. The Smiths are my favourite band incidentally.
  10. Thanks. That's exactly what I am looking at. Reflex M I think. Trade up from the GA2.
  11. Newbie to this forum. Ive just upgraded my amp to a M5SI into a pair of Dynaudio Special 40's. Amps coming today so looking forward to getting that setup. Any insight from anyone on the performance of the internal phono stage ? I have a Slee Gram Amp2 SE with the upgraded PSU that I currently use. Will test back to back obviously. Just interested what others are using for the phono stage. thanks in advance. Glenn
  12. Ive got some Dynaudio Special 40's which I love. Had them 6 months now. Incredible.
  13. You cant test anything right now can you !! Basically through research I ended up with 2 options Croft or Music Fidelity. Now I know they are very different but there are a number of people who recommend Music Fidelity M5SI with Dynaudio Special 40's. Croft because I am intrigued, fancy valves and like the idea of them being a bit old school. I also am vinyl only and have no desire to connect any other source ever. I have been talking direct to Glenn Croft and also to a couple of resellers. I started with the idea of running the Integrated R using my Slee phono stage. General view was that I would be better with 25R/7R or 25/7R with the 7R giving the extra oomph to drive the Dyns. Glenn
  14. Hi All, Just joined. I am about to press the button on ordering a Croft 25R and 7R driving a pair of Dynaudio Special 40 speakers. They are 86db 6ohm. I have read most of the last 18 pages. Should I be concerned at all about the ability for Croft to drive these speakers ? thanks in advance. Glenn
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