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  1. Ive dropped you a PM direct. Glenn
  2. I have these 2 listed separately but I am prepared to do a deal for someone who will take both. Groovertracer Reference Sub Platter and Delrin Platter. I paid almost £500 in the US and carried them home on the plane to avoid any duties. £250 plus £20 p&p for the combo. Cracking deal for anyone with a Rega Planar N Glenn
  3. Yes exactly the same. But somebody has just bought it b
  4. Its an Akurate Level Linn without the Crystal ! Im running an AT VM750SH through a Graham Slee Reflex M Phono. Moved to MC next year maybe. Just enjoying the listening..............
  5. Funk Firm Boing legs off my Planar 3. £95 new, will accept £35 plus p&p.
  6. Yes its got the Karousel, Kore, Lingo 4 and Tramp 2. I love it !
  7. I did think about it but I am pretty happy with the Akito (its the latest one) plus I have decided not to tinker. I ended up with a great sounding Rega Frankin Deck which nobody would ever buy. Hence taking it apart and selling the components. The FXR2 is a great arm and really transformed the Rega.
  8. For Sale is my Groovetracer Delrin Platter which I had on my Planar 3. Bought direct from Frank at Groovetracer in California 2 and a half years back. In excellent condition. I paid $375. Looking for about £200.
  9. For Sale is my Groovetracer Reference Sub Platter which will fit Rega decks. I had it on my Planar 3. I bought direct from Frank at Groovetracer in California. 1 owner since new and it cost me $275. Its 2 and half years old and in excellent condition. Looking for £100.
  10. For sale is my Funk Firm FXR2 tonearm which has been installed on my Rega Planar 3. I am selling because I have moved to an LP12. I bought this tonearm from Arthur K at The Funk Firm back in April 2020 during lockdown. I have to say its been a revelation, accompanied with my Groovetracer Reference Sub Platter and Platter (which are shortly going up for sale too). Have a look at the Funk website for the details. They retail at £1250. I am looking for around £750.
  11. As I've now got an LP12 , I am now selling a bunch of Rega stuff. First off is my Rega NEO PSU. I've had it from new for coming up to 3 years, although its not been in use all of that time as I have been working in the USA. In excellent condition and working order. Ive got the original packaging, cables, wall plug, manual and speed control tool. Looking for £150 plus postage or collection from Staffordshire.
  12. Now having only just bought my LP12 this year with Karousel, Kore, Lingo 4, Trampoline 2 and Akito 3 then my plan the foreseeable is to just enjoy the music. Now whether that will last all the way through 2022 who knows. I sort of doubt it. Couple of things on my mind - try out either a Nagaoka MP500 or Ortofon Black LVB and potentially switch to a Lejonklou Slipsik 7.1. I am currently running a AT VM750SH into a Graham Slee Reflex M with PSU1. Or go for it and move to MC. Glenn
  13. Michael, you have started me on something now. My Starrett 136 turned up this morning. I have spent a pleasant hour+ getting the wall mount, oak plinth and deck level. It was out, not by a lot but I can now sit here pleased without my mornings work !! Glenn
  14. Now that an interesting question. The basic Rega deck was ok, switching the cartridge up to the Rega Exact (and later the VM750) and upgrading the platter/sub platter/arm made a big difference. In the end, I got a really acceptable sound out of the Rega. Good soundstage and imaging. The Linn is clearly a step up - better definition, bass, clarity, detail and I am hearing things I haven't heard before. Its also a work of art compared to a 'slab of MDF with an arm' !! I would still recommend a Rega to someone getting started - I got a very acceptable sound of it and learned a lot from tinkering. No plans to tinker with the LP12 - might consider a move to MC next year which will mean new cart/s and phono stage. Thanks for the comments and welcome. I have enjoyed reading through the last 6 months of posts. Glenn
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