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  1. Ilfotol does the job for static. Most of the vinyls I did with just DW I am redoing with DW Ilfotol mix and static disappears !! Also got a nice cleaning regime going with dirty records. Hand Clean with tonar wetgoat and then into the HG. This is a real game changer. Worth every penny !!
  2. I have HG'd the last couple of batches on vinyls using 4 drops of Ilfotol to DW (with no Ethanol) - 5min clean and 10min dry. No rinse cycle. All sounds excellent at the moment. Just put a 2nd pressing of Revolver through and about to put the 1st pressing of Buffalo Springfields debut (my most expensive single record).
  3. Didn't push these before Christmas - anyone interested ? Bargain.
  4. Im struggling to keep up playing them after the clean ! - Ive got 7 albums to listen to yet. Tough problems to have.
  5. Yes same here, only me handling them and they are looked after. 30 vinyls done now. Mainly new and the results are excellent. Static mainly gone, cracks and pops gone, can't fault it so far. Well worth the £.
  6. Im closer to what you are doing. I have cleaned between 4 and 6 vinyls before changing the DW. I am also doing new records at the start of a batch and 1 or 2 dirty at the end. Ive settled on the 10min drying cycle too. thanks
  7. I've just hand cleaned a dirty record with L'art du Son and then Guru'd on the longest wash/dry. Pretty good. Thanks for the tip on the filter. Just replaced mine with the other drying. How many records are you cleaning per 400ml ?
  8. Morning, Cleaned, distilled water only, 8 vinyls last night (7 new, 1 old with cracks and pops) in 2 batches of 4. The HG does a great job of getting rid of any residue on the new vinyls. These were previously uncleaned (Xmas present). All of the new records are quieter. Haven't had time to critically listen yet to notice any improvements. The older record is visible better and most of the pops have gone. 1 or 2 are still evident. This had been through previous hand cleaning. 7 of the 8 records have no static lift, 1 has some but much less than previously. Summary so far, easy to use and does a great job. Feel like m well on my way to getting my monies worth already !!! Next steps - ordered some Ilfotol. Should be here on Monday. Gonna give that a go. @Dasher, what concentration have you settled on ? - gonna try pre-warming (to degass ?) the water through a clean only cycle to see if that makes any difference. Glenn
  9. Evening all, Mine turned up earlier this week, but I was away for New Year. Setup in the last hour or so and just cleaning my second record. Initial impressions are very good. Easy to use. Just using distilled water at the moment. Will post results later. Glenn
  10. Just ordered one ! Fed up of on hand cleaning and this thread has forced me into action. Glenn
  11. I got these pair of headphones free with my Google Pixel 6 phone. I don't need them. £289.95 on the Bose store, £299 most other places - back up to £299 on Amazon. £120 delivered ? anyone interested. Glenn
  12. I have these 2 listed separately but I am prepared to do a deal for someone who will take both. Groovertracer Reference Sub Platter and Delrin Platter. I paid almost £500 in the US and carried them home on the plane to avoid any duties. £250 plus £20 p&p for the combo. Cracking deal for anyone with a Rega Planar N Glenn
  13. Yes exactly the same. But somebody has just bought it b
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