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    Linn Ekos se AT-OC9/
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    Icon audio PS1
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    Simaudio Moon 260D T
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    Bryston BDA3
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    Bryston BP26
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    Bryston 14B3
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    Wilmslow Encore
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade

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  1. Hi Bazz Thanks for that, will check it out
  2. Hi folks, i'm new around here. This is my kit, lets see yours!
  3. It doesn't apply to all countries. Who knows, UK might not get it!
  4. I have for sell my ICON AUDIO valve phono stage, suitable for both MM and MC I have owned it from new June 2018. It is in A1 condition, just as it came out of the box. I have the original packing and box. The phono stage has had very little use, absolutely no more than ten hours. It has been housed on my rack in a non smoking environment. I take great care of my HiFi as it is my pride and joy. Has always been regularly dusted and kept mint. I am looking for £825, and can get a postage cost if required. Any questions, please feel free to contact me.
  5. I believe Primare make cracking class D amplifiers. Like everything made in the EU, not cheap. The quality of their kit is pretty special though.
  6. My first were some Goodman's X45 if they ever really existed. They were bought from a club book and i liked them at the time. Next was some Jamo, not HiFi but fun as i was a teenager They were replaced by JBL LX44 Really liked them. I replaced them with Castle Avon's. I really did like them, they sounded excellent with what every i played on them. My next pair came after a HiFi upgrade and they were Proac studio 100. Excellent speakers for stand mounts. Proac D30R followed, really excellent speakers. Next a pair of PMC PB1, Wow these were fabulous speakers. And boy they play loud with no stress at all. I now have a pair of Wilmslow Encore which were DIY speakers.
  7. I put together all of my power leads. First time i used Belsen cable, then i upgraded to Furtech!
  8. Hi I have a PS 1 mk2 mm & mc. It is in as new condition with no more than ten hours use if that. It's about two years old, i have the box and everything that came with it. I purchased it new from Audioaffair. I am going to sell my turntable which is a LP12. My preamp has been used in a no smoking house. Regards Mark
  9. I have for sale my Simaudio Moon 260D CD transport. It is in as new condition with original box and instruction manual. The remote control even though i have used it, remains in it's poly sleeve. There is no marks on either item, and hasn't had loads of use. I am looking for £1100 + postage I will upload pictures and a price for insured postage later I will accept payment by PayPal or BACS Happy to answer any questions
  10. Hi Mark Holder,

    A very warm welcome to THE WAM - MUSIC & HIFI FORUM, you are now part of a fantastic group of music lovers and HiFi enthusiasts.

    We are very excited that you have decided to join us. It is packed full of interesting reviews, news and pictures of great HiFi systems and other tech gadgets for your enjoyment.

    Our members know just about everything there is to know about amps, speakers, turntables and all things music so feel free to introduce yourself and ask them!



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