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  1. I totally agree with you. I bought some Wilmslow loudspeakers and asked them to upgrade the internal wiring. I paid for Black Rhodium Samba to be used. Big mistake, and expensive for me. The sound was bright and horrible. I ripped it all out and replaced with simple OFC cable, sounded better
  2. If hundreds are fetching 5K, what are 50's worth
  3. The truth is. They don't have a clue how to make a decent crossover, full stop. They simply use a computer crossover software. They enter the details of the driver tech sheet and that's it. They don't listen to, or do any proper technical measurements. Wilmslow audio apparently use to be good, that was when they had someone that knew what he was doing. He left a number of years ago, leaving cowboys running the business. Into the ground if they don't start doing a proper job.
  4. I think i sent you a message yesterday, did you receive it?
  5. If you are interested let me know. I am only offering the amp in a short time frame of a few days. I am interested in getting some active loudspeakers
  6. Hi If you are genuinely interested let my know and we can talk
  7. Hay Callum, yes if you are local feel free.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, will take a look
  9. Thank you for your response
  10. Hay guys Do any of you have a good idea what a pair of 1992 ATC SCM50's would be worth? There have been no upgrades done to them. I am guessing pre SL drivers. I know they still have the Vifa tweeter, not sure if the midrange is the S version
  11. I am near Axminster East Devon. Just a few miles from Lyme Regis
  13. The only damping Wilmslow installed was the thin sponge on the sides.
  14. I say avoid. I purchased a pair of their Encore loudspeakers. Beautiful drivers used, sadly in a badly designed cabinet. The drive units are also connected via a very poorly designed crossover. I have taken mine to a professional audio engineer with 50 years experience. He has carried out technical analysis and measurements. Crossover is of poor implementation, port does not load the bass unit correctly. And the cabinet is 30 litres larger than the recommended by Volt Loudspeakers. Wilmslow design their crossover's by simply inputting the manufacturers technical parameters into
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