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  1. I don't care about mono or stereo cards. They stay in the crossover "box" anyway
  2. But there is one more thing I think about. I'd like to replace the LK280/Spark with LK140ies. This would mean I'd get rid off three boxes and nine cables. And I don't think there would be a lot of difference...soundwise. I know...Klouts! Too expensive.
  3. Yes...I do! Ugly is not the biggest problem. They are just hard to handle. And heavy!
  4. No AV Preamp in my system...even if it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better
  5. Three weeks have passed and I really love my aktiv Kabers! Of course they are still a little bass shy. But speakers with the great sound of the Kabers and a bass that goes down to 30-40 Hz and suites the "Kaber-sound" would be way too expensive to me. There is one song I always listen to with a new setup and if i'm happy with what I hear anything is fine. It's more than fine with the Kabers...never heard it better.
  6. Hmmm...didn't give it to me, obviously. Thank you! Meanwhile everything works fine.
  7. OK... Next step. I can't find any manual or picture, how I get the Kaber into the aktiv mode. I know... I have to "bridge" the crossover but is It enough to solder the leads from the speakers direct to the banana inputs? I always thought I can find everything in the internet. Linn definitely changed my perspective
  8. Still no Klout in da house! I have my hands on a tunebox (wait for an answer). If I get it, I will stay with the LK280...at least for the moment.
  9. Fhe tweeters are the "really old" ones and the new version already stood on my list. I still have problems to accept that one Klout should be better then three LK280/Spark. I will try it. I love the looks and 95% of the sound of the Kabers. They definitely will stay longer than their predecessors.
  10. They sound really good with the LK280, no doubt. BUT...if something is good and some people tell you it will be a little better the other way, what do you do? Especially if vou read that the bass has more substance aktiv?
  11. Mine are definitely Kaber-cards. The seller said they are for Klout but should work in LK280. I could bring them back, but I don't want to To build my own DIY Tunebox is an Option. I just need to know the specifications or an original schematic. I know...almost impossible ;)
  12. I will definately go aktiv. OK...cards look the same but without the "frames". Klout seems to be the way, so I keep the cards and two of the LK280 and start with one Klout for the bass. No polymerbases, but I'm aware that they are a good upgrade.
  13. How do they look? Sorry I forgot my cellphone at work so I can' post fotos of mine
  14. Hello from the continent, I'm quite new in Linnland. Three weeks ago the only Linn I ever owned was a K5 back in the 90ies. And now....it star5ted with a LP12 from 1991 that I found on ebay and was offered by a guy in my neighborhood. Unfortunately he also sold a pair of Kabers. I fell in love within a second. And when I visited my mother 600km away, someone there solt three LK280 + Spark. I'm close to happy with the tripleamped performance of the Kaber but of course aktiv is the goal. Why is it impossible to get ANY material out there...it's the INTERNET! Th
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