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  1. Thank you Paul for all these insights. Briefly, not much glass / hard surfaces; changed toe-in/out, a little bit helpful but not significant; not share power bar with other electronics; quite noisy when Volume is around 50; electronics are separated in a rack; For the last suggestion, sorry, I don’t know how to do the torque settings, would you help to explain a little bit, and I will see if I can do that
  2. 242 is good and 10 years ago, people used to say 242 can be the speaker for the life.
  3. All the way on my Majik 140 path before this time’s upgrade, at most time I can be happy with the investment. But this time a big leap in DS may expose 140 / 2K ‘s limit, and it can be the time to move to Linn 3K speakers or other brand.
  4. Yes, when I had Majik DS as the source to 140, sound seems to be normal at the Majik level. After this time’s experience, I think when you continuously upgrade the electronics, the speakers can be a serious bottle neck to whole system.
  5. Thank you Bill, I believe akudoriks are much better speakers than 140. I owned a pair of 212 previously and 212 can win 140 at every aspect. Hope you enjoy akudoriks.
  6. When my 140 was passively set up, I heard the same, no detail, no bass and sound from tweet is harsh when the treble of the recording is really high. After Aktiv set up, sound is clearer, can separate the instruments, brighter but acceptable, can feel obvious improvement especially when I changed Majik DS to KRDS but main problem is still loose bass. This time, a big step forward of the DS may let the 140 unable to control itself any more
  7. Yes, the too bright sound is noisy and quite hard to endure, I think the entrance level Majik 140 may lack control when becoming system’s bottle neck.
  8. Hi Guys, I have read a previous thread in the forum saying that Akurate exakt box/DSM/4200 combination sounds too bright to endure, and now I meet the similar situation. My previous Aktiv setup is Majik 140 / 6100D / 5125 D / Klimax Renew DS , sounds good with Linn taste but lacking bass and density sometimes. Last month, I upgraded 6100 D to 4200 D and Renew DS to Klimax DS 3 katalyst, also Aktiv set up, the sound density is obviously improved and bass is much deeper than before and cannon imagine the bass is actually from Majik 140. Sound quality for Classic, Jazz is good, but pop song/Vocal is a disaster, especially voice from female singer is like screaming, treble (at most time, also the mid) is too too bright, and I think it is noise. I little think that the upgrade will have this result. I understand adjustment of speaker position, changing some cables or put more carpets in the room will have some improvements, but those may not solve the real problem. I wonder if some friends in the forum also meet similar problems . I may be wrong, but I think the main problem might lie in the Majik 140. Originally, before Aktiv, sound from 140 is like behind the curtain, dim without bass, and fortunately you can feel improvements for every step of upgrading investment, but to certain a level, Majik 140 may not be able to catch up and just beyond its ability to hold.
  9. Yeah, I think it is not possible or quite difficult to do it , though the manual of Akurate 212 says that it can be partially aktive. When I opened the lid at the back of the speaker, the wire configuration inside is very complicated...
  10. Hi Guys, just want to get your advice on the setup for Linn Akurate 212 downgrade from aktiv to passive setup. At present, all channels for AMP and speaker are setup for aktiv. I want to downgrade only tweeter from Aktiv to passive, and after I remove the aktiv card from tweeter channel in the AMP, is there anything else I shall do (shall I do anything for the speaker). Thank you.
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