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  1. Sorry didn't mean to upset SME V fans. My point was that in my view there are plenty of better arms for the money, certainly not restricted to the three I suggested which are all pretty different in their own ways. This especially applies now that second hand prices have skyrocketed. There are other SME arms I rate (SME M2-9R and 12R for example, I've also heard a 312 sound superb, the 3012 and 3012R too - my favourite of those being the M2-12R which I owned for quite a while). So I'm far from down on SME as a brand. As for sample variability, I'm not talking about failure, just the fact that the sound is known to vary from one to another.
  2. Two different points here: 1) Tonearm sound quality with a suitable cartridge 2) Tonearm-cartridge matching With regards to 1) .. I don't rate the SME V even with a suitable highsh-compliance cartridge - it always sounds boring and un-engaging to me. There are quite a number of better options for the same or less money (including some made by SME). There's also the well-known issue of absoutely massive variability in quality/performance between SME V examples, which makes buying one second-hand (which is all you can get these days) a bit of a lottery. With regards to tonearm-cartridge matching, it's a further failing in my eyes of the SME V that it's very much of its original period from the point of view of being quite low mass. Most higher-end cartridges these days are medium or low compliance and a lot of them simply won't work with the SME V as they require a more massy arm to sound their best. It's quite common to read people dismissing the performance of this or that modern cartridge, only to find they were auditioning on an SME V. And it's equally not unknown to see these views subsequently recanted once they figure it out. Anyway there's no accounting for taste, but don't muddle up the issues here.
  3. You sure you really want one? I've never heard one I've liked, on an SME deck or otherwise. Several other arms in the SME stable are better in my view. Also, with relatively low mass by current standards, it's quite restrictive when it comes to cartridge matching. Lots of top cartridges not suitable. For sure there are many better choices these days. (SME and otherwise - for example from Glanz, Ikeda, Reed ...).
  4. The copper Puresound was called Rubato, the Tenuto is gunmetal, much more yellow.
  5. I'm sure David Giffin at Goldring would help you out - he's a top bloke. Will send you his email by PM.
  6. Just about. Depends how thick your fingers are. You do need the handles though it's seriously heavy (7 transformers last time I counted). I see that Allnic is up for sale again - I investigated that amp earlier this year when in the market for a new power amp. I'm quite an Allnic fan, I have the Allnic HA5000 head amp, H7000V phono stage and one of their new cartridges, the Allnic Rose. But I'm not really a fan of the KT120 or the KT150 developed from it - I've heard quite a few KT120 amps (and even owned a couple) and never heard one that sounded at its best with those tubes compared to KT88 or KT90 equivalents - probably fine with rock but not with more subtle sorts of music. I'm not quite so familiar with KT150s but they are - what can you say - butt ugly (fnar fnar). Other people may disagree on this of course. Anyway since the Allnic amp was designed around the KT120/KT150, I didn't take it the length of an audition so I may be completely wrong about it. I'm not sure it has any particularly special characteristics though - I could see no USP in the design that would change my mind about it. I did read somewhere that the KT120 is not as linear as KT88 or KT120 but thats not something I'm qualified to pronounce on. Anyway I get 100w from the Radford STA100 and extra power is simply not required in my application.
  7. Just like this one (mine): Should have no trouble with the Snells (A or C? but doesn't really matter). Easily the most refined KT88 amp I've heard - I use KT90s in mine, they sound like big EL34s which suits me perfectly.
  8. Origin Live upgrade platter mat, Oyiade BR-12 or Reso-mat any good to you? I went through a phase of checking out mats a while back. For my money all of the above sounded better than a heavyweight metal mat (I had a Rubato) but I'm well aware the effects of matt changes are both highly subjective and very deck/system specific.
  9. This + Westlower's SME 3012 and you have an absolute killer combo. Hmm I wonder where I could put it?
  10. Curious as to how two preamps, two power amps, two CD players, two subs and once set of single driver speakers can work together as a 'system' How have you got it all wired? Or do you move the speaker cables between one pre-power-CD combo and another? It's probably unlikely that anyone other than a dealer would want to take on the whole lot, I'm sure you'd do better selling individually. Anyway having a soft spot for an interesting preamp I have to say that Megahertz Reference looks very tasty. Linestage I assume? (No phono?). Likewise MingDa tube CDP, could well be interested in that if/when you split.
  11. Seems odd to post only to demonstrate your ignorance on a topic. Anyway, you are now on the Ignore list.
  12. Care to explain why you are in favour of MQA? This should be amusing ....
  13. Jazid is of course spot on in this description.
  14. Bargain. I owned one of these, its sound was right up there with my 12in Ikeda IT407 (current price £7k) ... really great with SPU, Denon 103 + variants, Miyajima, Allnic, Shelter, MySonicLab, Koetsu, Miyabi, EMT, and many other cartridges of 10 x 10-6 compliance or less.
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