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  1. I have seen it advised that its best, especially with amplifiers, to plug components direct into the wall sockets. If however (like me) you only have a single socket close to your system then you have to use an extension block. However i have just come across this cable design that has a single mains plug but with two IEC connectors attached allowing two components to be plugged into a single socket. Therefore are these cables a good or bad idea ? https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/power-cable-assemblies/8188912/
  2. Is it a simple fact that, if your listening room is under a certain size, it is impossible to get quality deep bass reproduction from a system ?
  3. Are the Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista valve products any good ?
  4. I believe the amplifier has bass and treble tone controls so therefore there's some room to adjust the sound if partnered with neutral loudspeakers. I was under the impression however that selecting the "source direct" mode gives the clearest and best sound from the matching cd player ?
  5. I understand that there was also a silver conductor version of the 8TC cable too called 8AG. I wonder what Gene / Audioholics would make of that cable ?
  6. If i win the lottery tonight (please !!!) i have my eye on the Denon A110 CD /Amp combination based just on the looks alone. I was just wondering whether it was possible to "tune" these units by simply changing the loudspeaker choice alone. I am a bit of a noob to all this hence the simple question !
  7. Can any CD player and Integrated amplifier combination be made to sound bright, neutral or warm by just changing the loudspeakers ?
  8. Can i ask what amplifier and speakers you use ?
  9. May i ask are there any particular speaker stands that match perfectly with the ATC SCM7 loudspeakers ? Or, are these and other ATC loudspeakers, unfussy as regards to the loudspeaker stands used ? http://atcloudspeakers.co.uk/hi-fi/loudspeakers/entry-series/scm7-mk3/
  10. A bit of a thread bump yes but if in the market for these units these lot will throw a free gift in ! https://denononlinestore.com/products/denon-dcd-a110-denon-pma-110-bundle
  11. https://gothicaudio.com/collections/litz-cables
  12. This product should be better i guess as it uses silver instead of copper :- https://gothicaudio.com/collections/litz-cables
  13. Is this because the output of amplifiers and the input of loudspeakers varies hence there is no one single perfect cable design ?
  14. Is the Kimber Kable 8TC speaker cable really this good or is this review just nonsense ?
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