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  1. And here is a slab of wood with some metal spikes attached. I showed my carpenter friend this and he could not believe it... https://www.hifiracks.co.uk/collections/isolation-plinths/products/podium-isolation-plinth-40mm
  2. It kind of makes some of the Russ Andrews products seem good value and that's something i never thought i would say ! https://www.russandrews.com/torlyte-speaker-plats/
  3. I can remember seeing a platform that had some sort of E.M.I Shielding embedded in it but this one...
  4. Wouldn't that light be a source of Radio Frequency Interference ?!
  5. In a future video he plans to show us how we can make the same items for a fraction of the price.
  6. This time he dissects some Russ Andrews filters :-
  7. https://www.russandrews.com/the-abx-myth/
  8. If i had 10k to spend on Hi-Fi it would go on some quality ATC actives and not a length of wire with a plug on either end.
  9. Not quite the level of expense as the Nordost Odin gold interconnects but eye wateringly expensive never the less ! https://www.russandrews.com/introducing-kimber-naked-analogue-interconnect/
  10. Does any body own a copy of this release on Vinyl or SACD and, if so, what are your thoughts ? https://www.marantz.com/en-gb/category/music
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I will order some then with confidence !
  12. I have just read this old article after a quick google search. So are Hi-Fi enthusiasts being ripped off ? https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/home-cinema/home-theatre-audio/home-cinema-audio/audio/hi-fi-radio/hi-fi-boss-slams-rip-off-industry-162930
  13. I'm thinking of getting some of this as an Xmas present. Is this product a good or bad idea ? https://www.mcru.co.uk/product/mcru-stylus-cleaning-putty/
  14. Although the MCRU product seems reasonable compared to this FFS... https://www.analogueseduction.net/latest-products/ODINgold1.html
  15. Foo or fantastic ? https://www.mcru.co.uk/product/the-mcru-pinnacle-special-edition-mains-power-lead/
  16. ANADROL-50


    Super looking set up that.
  17. "Another worthwhile improvement, certainly worth more than the £4 it cost." £4 ?! Now that's what i'm talking about !
  18. I understand that diminishing returns can set in early with each successive step on the hi-fi upgrade ladder. You often have to spend increasing amounts to get what are small increases in performance. Is there a point then, when it becomes a better use of funds, to send units away to be modified rather than simply box swapping ?
  19. This channel, which many on here I guess will be familiar with, shows many videos suggesting upgrades that can be made to popular loudspeakers. Many of these upgrades cost very little in comparison to the actual cost of the loudspeakers being modified. My question is, if these are genuine upgrades for the small financial outlay suggested, why dont the manufacturers just implement them themselves ?
  20. I would have no idea but in this video at the 3m25sec and 7m41sec marks its described as "cheesy wire" that (he feels) needs to be replaced !
  21. Just found this video of ATC testing their drive units. I found it interesting as they use sine wave generators, not music, to do these tests although i guess that's standard practice. Also note the thin / basic looking cable used to connect the drive units in the test !
  22. I have noted their top of the line products use silver conductors, feature heavy shielding plus include ferrite filters. (And thats for all the cable versions they produce - mains, interconnect and speaker cable).
  23. Apart from looks, what are the (sonic) differences, between the ATC Studio / Professional and HIFI / Consumer range of active loudspeakers ?
  24. Does anybody use mains, interconnect or speaker cable from Clearer Audio ? A quick YouTube search finds this enthusiastic review :-
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