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    Rotel CD11
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    Lyngdorf TDAI 1120
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    Firebottle Salas VPI
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    2 x REL T5i's Subs
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  1. I have the 1500C and have gone though a few carts, every one an improvement (to me) on the last From 2M Red to 2M Blue to AT VM95ML to AT OC9XML I also added the Funk Firm achromat and the KAB Fluid dampener. I can't recommend the fluid dampener high enough, excellent mod that really made a SQ difference in my system. I disliked the Red, thought the Blue was a definite improvement (sounded a bit to 'digital' for my liking), really liked the AT VM95ML (an absolute bargain for the price) and am now in MC heaven with the OC9XML. Worth adding I was initially using the phono stage in my Lyngdorf amp and then moved to a valve phono stage that I bought from a member here. Both better than the built in one (which isn't too shabby).
  2. AndyCC72

    £500 MC carts

    I will do; thank you Lurch!
  3. AndyCC72

    £500 MC carts

    I have just added an AT OC9XML To my system. It’s my first foray into MC, coming from the AT VM95ML and prior to that the 2M Blue. To my ears it’s superb, a definite improvement in all areas over the 95ML. It’s all relative as I’ve never even heard another MC cart at any price range but can safely say Im a convert. my vinyl has never sounded so good. I’d love to hear what a real high end TT and MC set up sounds like.
  4. These are not necessarily my favourite albums but they are the ones that I seem to listen to the most: Massive Attack – Blue Lines Lauryn Hill - Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Bobby Womack – The Poet Bill Withers – Bill Wither’s Greatest Hits Miles Davis – Kind of Blue Pink Floyd – Wish you Were Here Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On Barry White – Staying Power Sade – Diamond Life Maurice Brown – The Mood I realise it's very uncool to include a greatest hits album in my list but the Bill Withers one is exceptional
  5. I was going to ask the same question
  6. Quick update. @Firebottle let me trial his Salas VPI stage and I've been running it for the last week or so. A quite audible improvement on the stage in the Lyngdorf 1120. So I took the plunge and paid for it today. If asked to explain how it is better, which I always struggle to do I would say It's added a slight warmth to the sound without being at all syrupy. The soundstage which I already thought was good is definitely better and there's more muscle/depth to the sound with an improved timbre across the ranges. Very happy with the SQ improvement. Thank you Alan!
  7. Are you selling the acromat and clamp separately ? If so how much. this is an absolute bargain at £475. I run one with a VM95ML and it’s a cracking table for the money and at £475 it’s criminally good.
  8. Thanks. I’ve DM’d Firebottle about the one he mentioned, if I don’t end up buying that then the Croft will be the one I go for.
  9. Thanks firebottle, just sent you a PM
  10. Thanks… I’d like something that would give me a taste of what tubes are all about and what would be an improvement on which is by all accounts a decent phono stage In the Lyngdorf 1120. I’m wondering if a £500 budget is enough to achieve both of these aims?
  11. Thanks all. I think i'm leaning towards the Croft. I'll keep my eye on the classifieds and see if any Icon Audio come up at a decent price as I have read good things about them too. How do you think the Croft would compare to the Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2?
  12. I would like to dip my toes into the tube/valve sound and I think the phono stage would be the best and cheapest place to do this initially to get an idea of what it’s all about (I’ve never heard a tube amp other than online videos). My current TT set up is as follows: Technics SL1500C AT VM95ML LYNGDORF TDAI 1120 internal phono stage I’m close to purchasing the Croft RIAA for £499 but I thought I’d ask the following on here: 1 - Does anyone have any experience with the Croft RIAA and if so what do they think 2 - Any other valve phono stages in the same price range that anyone has experience with and can recommend ? 3 - is £500 not enough to get a decent valve PS that will provide an improvement on the internal phono stage in my amp (which is better than the internal 1500c one) Thanks in advance !
  13. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I'll have a think but at present I'm leaning more towards the isolated shelf.
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