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  1. I have just emailed HiFi+ asking whether they could review other models in the range, including the W13 SE+. I will let you know if they do reply.
  2. Boenicke W8 SE+ reviewed by HiFi+ at the below link: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5e73f33861e511093608674e/t/60ba4690e8d8435ca411cd83/1622820497427/HIFI%2B196_Boenicke_LR.pdf In general, does anybody know why Boenicke speakers do not seem to be often reviewed by mainstream HiFi magazine such as HiFi News, Stereophile...
  3. Good question: I am now the lucky owner of a W13 SE+ but waiting for the mains cables + interconnect to drive the active bass unit. In the meantime, I am listening to a 3 way speakers without the low frequencies and am experimenting with speakers placements but I reckon that without the bass, I must be missing a lot and may get the placement completely wrong. I find speakers placement a very difficult thing to master, you need a really good ear to distinguish small differences between slightly forward or not, toed in or not. Also something that sounds better initially may end up being slightly more tiring after long listening sessions. One thing that I find surprising is that in my small room without the active bass unit I can easily play at -30/-20 without it being too loud, and I am driving the speakers with a 2x1,000 watts amplifier.
  4. Apologies in advance if this is a stupid question: With a semi-active speakers such as the W13, can you choose to bypass the built-in bass amplifier, and have the bass drivers driven by the main amplifier directly, or are the bass drivers entirely dependent on the built-in amplifiers with the pre-amplified signal from the main amplifier?
  5. Thank you. I called MCRU but apparently they are out of stock for this particular reference. If anybody has an suggestion on a similar cable, I am a taker.
  6. No luck with David yet. Would these be a good replacement in case I cannot source the Supra cables? https://www.futureshop.co.uk/chord-clearway-analogue-audio-cable-xlr-rca
  7. Thank you, I checked MCRU but they do not seem to have this particular reference at the moment. There is one on ebay selling in the US. I need to source a second one.
  8. Do you have the reference of the RCA to XLR cable you are using, is this the Supra Sublink RCA-XLR/M? Where did you purchase them, it does not seem that we can order straight from the manufacturer's website?
  9. Hi everybody, I have read this discussion with a lot of interests, as well as the various raving reviews on Boenicke products. I am contemplating purchasing one of their speakers and was wondering whether I could use the incredible collective knowledge of this forum to obtain more information about the following questions below. Apologies in advance if some of this has already been covered and if some of my questions are really beginners' territory. My room is 21.6 x 12.2 x 8.2 with the following caveats: It is a flat so I need to be mindful of neighbours and bass vibrations traveling through the walls as I know these can be an extreme nuisance. Second caveat is that the room is a part lounge/part dining so the actual lounge/listening side is 12.2 length x 10 width (the width of the listening position but open on the dining side on the left side and closed on a floor to ceiling window on the right side). The amplifier would be a Devialet 1000 pro dual mono: - Does anybody know if Boenicke works well with Devialet, and if so, which model between W8 / W11 / W13 would be better suited to the amplifier? Would the semi-active mode of the W13 go against the Devialet power and SAM functionality? - Would the W13 bass be too powerful for the room size and more importantly the fact this is an apartment block? - Why is the W13 requiring an XLR connection with the amplifier, as opposed to other semi-active speakers such as the Triton Reference which seem to only require a mains power connection and a set of speakers cables? Can this be XLR to digital coaxial? If I understand the Devialet configurator correctly, there is no XLR outputs, only inputs, so the only way to connect subwoofers in a dual mono way is to connect to a digital output? - I read a lot about the ability to tune the bass to avoid room mode at certain frequency. What tool is needed to measure the exact frequency at which these modes are activated (if needed in the future). Many thanks in advance. Regards Greg
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