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  1. Very cool, that would be great fun @Paulssurround. Are you stacking the two 2 Bonn N8 Silent Angel switches leading to your Linn hub? I've read about stacking but no experience with it.
  2. Either approach gives you a point of comparison. As a first step I would make as few supporting changes as necessary so you can move back and forth between the configuration you have today and the optical network link you'd be auditioning. Long term as @Elad Repooc stated, keeping as much of your networking gear separated from you audio gear makes sense - too many power supplies, etc. You can always pick up a different length optical cable. I believe Linn stated Multimode (MM), but I started with Single mode (SM) based on the feedback of others. No idea how much it matters as I have not conducted further experiments (yet ?). Got lucky and liked the improvement. Lot's of baby steps. Currently I have a short fiber run between my router and switch, then a longer run from the switch to my audio system. I added the run to the audio system first, then added the hop from router to switch later. My network gear is in a different room and floor of the house. Not sure our audio dealers have had time to build up their networking knowledge to cover all the fiber optic topics. I'm sure they are thrilled.....
  3. Yes, worked on my first try. Follow the notes in my earlier post. Hope you get it working soon.
  4. Your instincts are correct Moomintroll. My experiments over the last couple of years have proven to me that the internet signal, like AC power, benefits from all the same principles many of us have come to apply to our HiFi systems. So isolation/vibration control, clean power, clean ground path all apply. The first order test that your internet signal provides no noise (like a turntable hum loop) is not the final consideration. I think of it as preserving a fragile signal, which seems odd for digital at first. Each step matters, even if in front of the optical ethernet cable you may have added. And certainly everyone has a different environment, so alternate selections will certainly work better for each of us. There are many interesting products out there and I've tried relatively few of, so instead of listing recommend components, here are a few characteristics of my current approach - avoid all-in-one consumer internet access products (look to higher than consumer grade if possible) avoid the AC to DC wall wart power supplies, at least long term (so many steps and pieces) do select internet components (cable modem, router, switch, etc.) that reply on, or have an option for an external DC power source. experiment with linear power supplies for your internet components (and yes AC and DC cables matter on the LPS) employ good AC power distribution vibration control matters The improvement is significant. Hope this is helpful and I look forward to suggestions to consider for future improvements.
  5. My KSH is the Hub version of the New KDSM/3, so I would expect the optical option to function the same way. From my experience here are a few things to try - 1) any change of internet cable that provides the DSM with a different IP address seems to require a reboot of the DSM, 2) the optical port on the other end needs to be the same specs as your KDSM/3 (1G SFP), use the same SFP modules on each end to simplify. Also scan that link I provided if additional clues are needed. Hope that helps.
  6. I run Finisar FTLX1475D3BTL (SFP+ 10Gb) modules with no issues with my NGKSH. Apparently the advantage of higher spec SFP modules is jitter reduction. One factor is that the SFP ports on each component to be connected must operate at the same speed. CISCO and Finisar both have highly regarded SFP modules from those who ventured there before me, an who's experience I gained from. Here is a link to a good discussion on SFP use that helped me SFP/SFP+ Overview Also I find it odd that Linn provides a plug for the Toslink port, but not for the SFP port - even though every networking component I have was provided with SFP port plugs. When I'm playing with network configurations and my SFP module is not in the NGKSH I use one of those SFP plugs to keep it clean (just in case).
  7. @akamatsu, The review provided by @sunbeamgls is excellent. I have not re-read it for some time, so my feedback is less biased from the advantage of his detailed review. My general impression is that the same improvements are available for all sources. Possibly with the Urika II the gap is just a little bit narrower due to the Exakt to Exakt commonality. The Urika II gets the benefit of the improved master clock in the Hub as I understand it, plus all the improvements to handling of the signal in the hub. Absolutely an improvement., your system will shine as never before. To be honest I mostly stream these days and use my LP12, let's say, on special occasions (been with me since 1985). I hope that helps. Streaming is a wonderful way to search and discover music, and assist with targeting vinyl selections. How did you find the improvement from A-Rad to K-Rad? More later this week.
  8. Akamatsu - I've had my new system hub for just over a week. You're going to be very happy with the result. Almost time to start performing comparisons on ethernet connectivity. How did you find the improvement from A-Rad to K-Rad?
  9. Thanks to my Linn reps knowledge when installing my new hub, the light from the dial on the NGKDSM can be managed via the "Power Indicator (Active mode)" setting in Konfig - Configuration / Display / Advanced. I have the hub version, though I doubt that matters for this setting. Helpful as the NGDSM is a couple feet below my TV.
  10. Thanks for the update 'troll. Hopefully those who ordered early are getting their delivery advisements soon. Then we enter the shipping performance lottery...
  11. Thank you for the update. Are there configuration controls for other illumination sources coming from the NG DSM - like the Control Dial on top and the Media Information on the front display. Not sure if there are network activity lights on the back.
  12. Thank you for the Next Gen System Hub update. Are your two Klimax Exaktboxes still at Katalyst level; so the only change was the version of Klimax System Hub?
  13. There is a closed caption option for translation in the YouTube window on the lower right that helps some.
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