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    No box for diy subs 2x15 1x10?
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  1. Absolutely. Speaking to him reminded of a Ham Radio nut I've not spoken to for a few years - he's the father of a now long gone friend... But despite that nasty memory I'm confidant that if I called him today he'd be right there to help me any Radio and/or electronics problems. Jimmy is his name, I'm going to to see if I still l have his number*. With Henry's teachings on Parasound and Jimmys electronics know-how and parts stash, perhaps sometime soon we can get together and make a day of it. *Yep, I still have it, and just had a chat with yet another full on gentleman and generous fon
  2. Well, I have ruminated on it while fixing another money sucking toy (SSC Stylus)... And I have come to the conclusion that this here chap, Henry, is a genuine top quality chap. 100%. Great phone call, above and beyond any of my hopes. If there's a medal for forum and phone assistance of a complete stranger, this guy deserves it. Don't get all modest now, you know you did your good deed for the day - for the week - for the month even. Lets just say I'm very happy with the advice and teachings, and it was great to chat with you. The WAM has delivered the goods, in spades. I rec
  3. I love it when the lyrics of a song on shuffle perfectly matches what's going on at that exact moment... Playing as I was typing my last post: To my surprise... I discovered that, I really don't know much. And much of what I know catches a "what?" Well, close enough:D
  4. Oh, I have two TT's in bits, but the best of both worlds will come to make just one:D Would you believe, it's a housing for the now external power supply (caused vibrations in the chassis) that's the current stumbling block? Power supply stuff seems to be the story of my life. Even my own damned power supply could do with a service. Oh... Wow, now this is some info. That's the exact knowledge I need. Very very much appreciated, I can't overstate that. As a chap who's familiar enough with a soldering iron to be more than happy replacing (discharged!) caps with decent replacemen
  5. Good stuff, and much appreciated... I have some people to call about it now, the sort of people who I suspect won't tell me to bin it! Ideally I'd be able to drop it off without spending all day driving - though posting it isn't the most hellish idea ever. CnoEvil - Yep, I'll stick around, though I may have to quarantine myself from time to time in order to keep my bank balance healthy. I know I could get some great info on how to upgrade my listening experience by replacing the weak link... However, right now ain't the time as I've got a road legal go-kart to waste money on instead:D
  6. Hello everyone... Nice to be here. First post - first topic, -go easy on me please! *Usual noob ramblings about hoping I posted in the right place etc* Anyways, I've been told buy an old fartbag (his user name on my regular hangout) that it's a decent forum for all this hifi mess so here I am. I come bearing gifts... No.. A question about power amplifier service/repair. Close enough:D The short version: Where do I go for this stuff? Ideally within sensible driving distance of the Wirral/Chester? I'd much rather drop it off and collect in person, just more my style than posting i
  7. Hi jjams82,

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