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  1. Sounds like "High-End" MM/MC phono preamp, but for affordable price! Very good/Excellent visual (9/10) and excellent working (10/10) condition! 180£ Any test welcome! (Can be shipped to UK, ROI, EU) No offers! Thanks
  2. Unfortunately...overheated voice coil...🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Hi to everybody here... Nearly 40. years in electronics and hi-fi, too much addicted! What can I do...still no any available cure for this disease! Glad to be here, Cheers!
  4. Thanks...I got one more NAC12 but modified, plus four pairs of phono boards (One MM - NA322/2, and three MC - 323/2 "S", 323/3 "K", 323/5 "K")...🙂
  5. Excellent visual (10/10) and working condition (10/10) of these great sounding MC phono boards! Any test welcome! (Can be shipped to ROI, UK, EU) 100£ (Location: Belfast) No offers! Thanks
  6. High-End Step Attenuator 100K, suitable for DIY preamps/amp! BRAND NEW! 80£ (Location: Belfast) No offers! Thanks
  7. You're welcome! Thanks for reply and good luck with AT33SA! 👍
  8. Original Naim NAC 42 PCB, with MC phono section PCB's (NA323/2), unfinished project! Don't miss the presence of High-End potentiometer "Black Beauty", worth at least 70.00GBP! Excellent condition, tested! Any test welcome! (Can be shipped to ROI, UK, EU) 120£ (Location: Belfast) No offers! Thanks
  9. Legendary Preamp, just recapped with "Nichicon UFG Series - Fine Gold MUSE", in very good visual (8/10) and excellent working (10/10) condition! MC phono section (NA323/2)! Any test welcome! (Can be shipped to ROI, UK, EU) 300£ (Location: Belfast) No offers! Thanks
  10. Perfect match and very rare combination of base, tonearm and cartridge, for an EXCELLENT price! Immaculate condition of this perfectly maintained oldtimer! "Born" between 1989-1991, with "Valhalla" PS, "LINN ITTOK LV II" tonearm and with retipped cartridge (EMC-1B) "KOETSU BLACK" (approx. 200 working hrs. )! New baseboard with combination of spikes/rubber feet! Any test/inspection welcome! (can be SAFELY shipped to ROI, UK, EU) 1900£ (Location: Belfast) No offers! Thanks!
  11. Hi Andrew, I can offer to You this rare beauty...🙂 (Approx. 200hrs. - 600£) Cheers
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