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  1. I think my plan is the Urika phono stage and Radikal power supply bolted onto the Majik LP12 with a koetsu mc cartridge. I’ll take the entry level tone arm and forgo the keel until I can figure out if the ARO is a reasonable approach. Just spoke with a dealer here in California who sold two in past few days. He told me the Ekos SE was better but I think I convinced him that ARO has a value beyond its musical capabilities. So I guess I’ll have like a Frankenstein LP12 until I get it sorted. My brother in law is kind enough to bring his LP12 to my home so I can listen to it through my current system before I fully commit. He made a good point that my cats might cause some havoc. Is it possible to play records with the lid on? Would make it a less interesting target for these trouble makers.
  2. Thanks for the link. Now I can show my wife I’m considered sophisticated on some level.
  3. Everybody wants to be a capitalist; nobody wants to take on risk. When the consumer pays up front, she is essentially extending credit to the dealer and Linn. All the risk is pushed down to the party with the least power. I can understand a 10% down payment to establish a contract. Maybe I’m just paranoid since I once lost out in a deal like this.
  4. This “pre payment” thing made it sound like Linn is having cash flow issues. The dealer nearest to me indicated this is a new policy. Doesn’t really inspire confidence. If the dealer or Linn goes into bankruptcy that money is gone. Not suggesting that is the case just Linn has very little to lose waiting until delivery to receive funds. Worst case they just have an extra item in inventory. Consumer really is in a terrible position under this policy. This is the biggest issue keeping me from buying the Linn system right now. Unfortunately I’ve had to deal with a situation like this in the past involving a large $ transaction and even with an airtight contract you’re unlikely to ever collect the lost funds. Again not suggesting this is the case just it gives a really bad vibe.
  5. According to Linn, the source is in my (Exakt) speaker. That ad campaign remains problematic.
  6. Maybe? Not sure if the ARO is crazy expensive. Personally I feel I’m being a bit lazy compared to the dealer trying to get me into a full Klimax LP12. That guy is ambitious. Forunately I have easy access to a world class collection of records. I just need to make sure my system doesn’t sound better than my brother in-law’s.
  7. Which sounds better: Klimax LP12 into Akurate hub or Akurate LP12 into Klimax hub?
  8. Never been into vinyl but the LP12 is iconic and I’d love a bit of analog in my life. Initially going for the Akurate level but it occurred to me I might be able to get a Naim Aro tonearm. Is this still possible and is it still top quality compared to modern offerings? My understanding is it requires a special keel and maybe other modifications. Curious if anybody here is using the Aro and would like to better understand the benefits considering the expense might be significant.
  9. I’ve been running JRiver since 2013 serving up wav files. When Naim supported Tidal I started streaming that along with local files. Definitely JRiver sounded better in my fairly revealing system. I just joined Roon last month because I found the dCS Mosaic app unbearable to use. After a bit of a/b I feel Roon adds a bit of ummm.... how to describe it? Slightly less coherent with a muffled quality and a loss in resolution? In my system the difference was much less significant than I could hear between two fairly similar power cords going into my dac. Roon is just such a pleasure to use I’m sure my overall experience is better with it vs a slightly better sq via a third rate interface. Also Roon Radio is a game changer for me.
  10. Well... they actually have a converter box from usb to their proprietary optical interface “pro isl”. Not quite the same but their dac designed was optimized for this input. Doesn’t appear they have plans for optical Ethernet. Told him I’d need a bigger house to accommodate a 1 km optical cable.
  11. I recently spoke with MSB about their reference dac and was told their best sounding input is optical usb.
  12. The Linn website makes Klimax look like it’s designed for people who can’t be bothered owning a proper hifi rack. Like squeezing that last 5% improvement isn’t important.
  13. Two walls are 98% glass... I said I’d pay expenses and “opportunity costs” associated with a home demo but dealer said I should just buy it and return it in a few months if not satisfied. Seems weird since he’s less than 3 hours from me. Needed 100% payment one week after placing order. A bit odd for a $100k item in a market filled with massive competition. Is this the Linn way? Very different than previous experiences. I could definitely make a decision in a day; definitely don’t need two months.
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