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  1. I recently received a new Akurate Hub, Exaktbox-I, and Roon Nucleus. I am using this with my existing AV 5140 speakers, and I am very happy with all of it. Previously, I was using the AV 5140s passive with an AV 5105 amplifier, Kolektor, and a Genki. The Genki I am still attempting to use in the new system, at least until I get all my CDs ripped onto my storage device. I have on CD several things that I cannot find on Qobuz. The improvement from the old passive system to the new Exakt system is significant. Unfortunately, when I try to switch my source from Roon to Genki (Genki is plugged into ANALOGUE IN 2), I do not hear the Genki. I have verified that the Genki is playing (its track time indicator increments normally) and that its own level is not set to zero, which shouldn’t matter since I am using the fixed level output on the back of the Genki. I get the same lack of sound whether I use the source button on the front panel of the Akurate hub or on the remote to make the switch. Eventually, some as-yet-unidentified combination of trying again, waiting, and shuffling through the available sources multiple times results in getting sound from the Genki. However, at this point, I now have the same problem in reverse—I cannot get back to the Roon. Any ideas/help greatly appreciated.
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