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  1. Hi there. I wasn't adviced about wny additional options regarding enhanced cover, better packing, ect. MBE Etc. already opened claim with Parcel Force.
  2. Hi there. That's true. Health "Uber Allies". Painful is that I have already in mint condition FM tuner TU-70, and this supposed to be a nice untouched set.
  3. Hi there. Auction house recommended Mailbox Etc. so I've arranged them to collection and packing. Mailbox arranged Parcel Force for delivery to me. I didn't realize that paying £120 I have to worry about yet that someone who doing this dont care what coming out to client, and I have to ask 20 questions about all.
  4. Hi there, Damaged left side panel, front bottom panel has one dent and one rear feet.
  5. Hi there. I advised them that this is an collector's item and require safe packaging. Gave them more than 10 days for packing job. Paid £120.
  6. Hi there. I need advice who or where I can find help in my case. I bought on auction this amplifier. I was so happy that I could get it in reasonable money. Unfortunately it was too far from me (Ireland), so I was forced to organised a courier. Mail Boxes Etc. Belfast was recommended to me as trusted courier. Got shock when they estimated job of Collection packing and Shipping for £120! But OK, all costs still in budget. I've been told that amplifier has been collected and will be packed and shipped next day. I said: No rush - it's an Collector's Item - please pack is safely. Result of my request you can see on attached photos. I gave them over 10 days for this job. After this time got email from them that amp. is packed and waiting for courier (Parcel Force). Parcel has been delivered last Wednesday 20th. I found it outside, behind Bin in rainy day! Very poor packing materials. Cheap box, one layer of bubble wrap + this funny infill. Damages on a side of case. But amp. got hit and I hear some loose elements inside. Will check it tomorrow because a few hours ago amp was slightly wet yet. Anyway: Sent to Mail Boxes Etc. complaint. Got answer that they pack all items like that and haven't had any problems yet. Advised that I have to submit complaint to Parcel Force but maybe will get £100 refund because parcel wasn't insured. I wasn't advised that this service is excluding insurance. Even I didn't realize that in this price (£120 for service) there's no insurance! Anyway: They do not admit their responsibility. I don't know where I have to looking for help.
  7. Hi there, Thank you for your response. If Paul from Classique Sounds will be not interested to service my amp, then I will back to you. Regards,
  8. Hi there, This is my first post here. I recently bought valve amp. Eagle SA-200. Not much about this amp. in web. Amp not been used by more than 10 years. Amplifier need service. It's nice small amp which I would like to restore, but I don't know nobody who could take care of this amp. That's why I would ask: Can you guys recommed someone in Midlands/East Midlands approx 50-60 miles from Leic's? Kind regards, P.
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