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  1. I noticed that the latest DSM firmware update fixed a bug preventing Roon from playing DSD 256. installing the forward didn’t fix the issue with Roon. anyone know when this might be fixed once and for all? Perhaps the new DSM isn’t Roon certified yet? Or Roon needs an update that allows it to pass 256 to the DSM? Michael
  2. Is it possible to pin Roon? Now that my DSM has buttons, I’d like to make one of them Roon. Not a big deal though. Just curious.
  3. Is it possible to pin Roon? Now that my DSM has buttons, I’d like to make one of them Roon. Not a big deal though. Just curious.
  4. We heard from Linn yesterday. They are sending me a new KDSM. Meanwhile, the broken one is simply spectacular. So much hidden music revealed. I have concerts in my house every day now…
  5. No, my dealer came with it in the trunk of his car. It was shipped from Linn to Definitive Audio in Bellevue, WA. My dealer (and good friend) documented it all and we are waiting to hear from Linn. I expect (well, demand) a new one. In the meantime, I get to listen to this one. My Katalyst DSM was already sold so they couldn’t take the new one away. Michael
  6. Hello other Michael from WA! Thank you! Point Roberts eh. Can you get into Canada? Has COVID made it more difficult to live or did everything arrive by boat before COVID? I’m in North Bend. Who is your dealer? It was via FedEx. The box was definitely more beat up than other audio products I’ve received from Europe and Linn specifically. I was a little surprised it wasn’t a box within a box though that probably would not have made a difference in this case. I have posted to Roon. We will see what they say. On a side note, it seems the Urika (which autocorrects to autism and not urethra) in my LP12 is fried.
  7. In WA state, USA. I assume US customs but don’t really know. There wasnt a card or anything inside the box like you see in luggage searched at the airport. Was marked ‘too dense to X-ray’ on the side. There are only about 20 in customer’s hands in the US. I wonder how many have this problem as I’m betting they all hit the mail around the same time. Michael
  8. On a positive note, it sounds unbelievably good straight out of the box. I am trying to figure out why Roon is converting DSD256 to 128 though.
  9. I don’t know yet. This was yesterday afternoon so we don’t have answers yet. Customs put it back in the box with the round knob jammed against the packing foam instead of in it’s nice premise hole. Then they jammed the whole thing back in the box. The knob rotates but isn’t smooth and makes a horrible grating noise. Just dumb.
  10. My first post here . Hello. Was active on the old forum. Got my Organik DSM today. The top dial is broken because customs put it back in the box wrong but the rest of it works fine (they will send me a new one hopefully). Anyone have an idea why Roon would downsample DSD256 to 128?
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