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  1. They are inside the casing, and seem to flash continuously, whether Majik is in Standby or switched On. Exact LED's are generally switched off, but if I switch them on in Konfig, 2 of them are flashing at the same rate as the one's inside the casework.
  2. I had previously noticed, and again last night when I turned the room lights off, that in standby there are still at least two flashing blue LEDs inside the Majik, visible through the ventilation slots. They also shine through the hdmi sockets and onto the wall behind. I checked again today and they still flash when it's fully on and playing. I switched the exakt link LEDs on and can see that they flash in sync with numbers 1 & 3 (where left to right they are numbered 0,1,2,3). I am not running an Exakt set-up. Is this normal or something to worry about?
  3. Not exactly, but same principle - I’m streaming Amazon Music HD with my MacBook Pro and sending it via its optical digital output to Toslink input on my MDSM. The Macbook output is capped at 48/24, so higher res files will be downsampled to that. Sounds good, tho’. Can use Airplay, too, if you have a Mac, but that caps it further to 48/16.
  4. Thanks for the super speedy reply! I was wondering that, but Linn docs makes no ref to subwoofers (that I could see) - didn't want to risk it
  5. Hi folks, new here and just recently bought an Majik DSM/2 playing through a pair of Mission 773e floorstanders with SO2 applied. I also have on loan from a good friend (also of this parish, SnapperMike) a pair of Katans, with the offer of also trying out his Ninkas and Keilidhs. The Missions have more base than than the Katans, so was wondering if I can connect my Rel Quake sub along with them to hear that combo? (sub has both lo-level LFE (RCA) and hi-level Neutrik Speakon connections - see pics) Currently streaming from a hard drive attached to my iMac using Kazoo and from the Amazon Music HD app on my (old) MacBook Pro via optical digital cable to the MDSM. The optical output of the MacBook is limited to 48khz/24bit, so it must downsample higher res (96/192) files. Not ideal, I know. I've also noticed that using Kazoo when you get down to the tracklist of an album, they are in alphabetical order and not in the original playing order. How can I change that? (I've got Kazoo server installed). If I open an album folder on the Mac they are listed in the correct playing order, so I don't think it's a Mac thing? *I'm a Linn novice, still learning the Lingo! (sic), and there are so many acronyms.... Thanks in advance!
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