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  1. Thanks for the responses guys I'll give it a shot with the wharfedales then and see how it is. Tbh both my speaker sets already have amplifier's, a marantz pm8005 and rotel a10. I fancied trying a tube amp though just to see what it's like. I got the PTP one, not sure if that's version b or not.
  2. So I've read that an underpowered amplifier is more likely to damage speakers than an overpowered one. I have bought a Reisong A10 tube amp to mess about with (cheap but supposedly good Chinese amp). I am new to tubes and have no idea what to expect. But I see this amp is 6w per channel. The speakers I have are wharfedale diamond 9.1. The other speakers I have are kef ls50. Is there any chance I can damage either of these speakers by using the 6w tube amp with them? Or will it be okay? Anything I should avoid doing to prevent damage etc?
  3. Ah I see, thanks for the explanation. Looking at the Parasound Halo A21 most of the resistors have legs: And in the newer A21+ it looks like the legs are gone. Replaced by something smaller. Is this an example of SMD's?
  4. By the way does anyone know if it matters that an amplifier has a somewhat modular design it comes to repairing it? Modular might be the wrong word so i'll illustrate: Like take this Rotel as an example, all the stuff is on 1 board: https://www.rotel.com/sites/default/files/rb1552mk2_guts.png And then there's this other one which has the stuff spread across 2 boards, one for each channel I would assume. Each attached to a heatsink. I see this layout in a lot of the higher end amplifiers: https://www.rotel.com/sites/default/files/rb1582mk2_guts.png Does either design have advantages? Or do they have to do it that way simply because that's just what fits in the space available?
  5. Thanks for the replies guys! Lots of good info here. Wow, I had a look at that PM11S2, very cool, it looks like an absolute monster! Good point. Hmm who thinks it's a bad thing and why? Local repair shops is exactly who I had in mind In regards to SMD's what constitutes an SMD? Is anything that's a black square with legs sticking out an SMD or is it only bigger things like the one at the top left here (pretty sure it's an SMD): That is awesome! I have a Kenwood A345 blender from the 70's. Been passed down for 3 generations now, still works. It's not an amp but I like how something from back then can still work and is still useful today. I've never been a fan of the disposable buy a new one when it breaks culture that's arisen around so many things. Yeah the Bryston stuff looks good, I just think that level of reliability can probably be had at a significantly lower cost. Although that said it definitely shows they stand behind their products.
  6. Hi guys. I've been trying to ascertain this for myself. I've been watching YouTube repair/teardown videos and seeing what has gone wrong in various amplifiers etc. Looking at pictures of amplifier internals. Reading posts from guys who repair these things, their opinions seemed to vary between "everything after 1980's is fit for the bin when it breaks" to "most things are repairable". From what I can tell from my bodged together limited knowledge of this stuff, an amp that can be repaired easily and should last a long time will probably be: - Not too hot running. - Probably a class A/B (not sure D is all that repairable). - Has no or very few capacitors located next to things that get hot. - Has a simple easy to access design. - Good ventilation and large heatsinks. - Limited amount of SMD's (those micro chip thing's that can't easily be replaced). - Probably a power amp as opposed to something integrated (not sure on this though, some old integrateds have been around forever it seems!). You guys seem like a knowledgeable bunch Anyone have any thoughts/input on this? Also are my assertions above along the right lines or way off?
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