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  1. Blimey - Meridian Unplugged looks like it's not had an update since 1997!
  2. OK, another question! In setting up my Meridian G01 pre-amp, I notice that the gain settings for each analogue input are adjustable, not something that ever bothers the budget hifi user - previously, me! In order to get the volume the same from both phono pre-amp (Musical Fidelity V90-LPs) and CD player (Marantz CD6005), so avoiding a sudden lurch in volume from one source to another, I have set both the CD and Disc input at 1.0. I suppose I could use any other setting as long as they were the same? Does 1.0 seem reasonable? Be kind - I'm new at this! Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  3. As a newbie, I am finding my way round the forums - it seems I made the cardinal sin of not telling you what that "secondhand Meridian kit" was! - lightly used G56/G01. It sounds fabulous! Eventually, when wallet allows, I'll be looking for a G07 or G08 CD player to complete the set. Also have Rega P6 + ProAc Response D15s, both also recent upgrades. Scarily good!
  4. Ah... you're right! The instruction manual is not immediately clear, but it does say that on another page. Thanks!
  5. Hi I recently acquired some secondhand Meridian kit, that came with a MSR+ remote control console. I can't get it to "learn" from my Marantz CD remote control. The instruction manual with the MSR says - Select the source (CD), hold down "0" and "Mute" simultaneously until the indicator light flashes twice and stays lit. When I do this, the light just flashes a few times and goes out. It's not the batteries, as I swapped them out for new ones. The source (CD player) is turned on. Help!
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