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  1. I need to replace the dust covers on the Keilidh's also. Got some coming in the next few days. Getting everything all cleaned up.
  2. no, phono amp link was there. but there are other functions that can be controlled by using links on other parts of the board.
  3. no, see link https://www.manualslib.com/manual/816598/Linn-Majik.html?page=8#manual
  4. Thx for that info. As of now I am not getting the phono inputs to work. I will have to pull the cover and see what I can see. I spent the day cleaning and testing and this is the only issue I have found. I do need to replace the dust covers on the speakers though, and I had to resolver a couple of the speaker plugs as I was getting some noise when I moved the speaker cable. I will also do a little cleaning of the Keilidhs and touch up with some new black ash stain.
  5. What all needs to be done to go aktiv with a Majik-1 integrated amp and a pair of Keilidh's, and what would be approx cost? Thx
  6. Well I finally got this all ironed out and drove down to Phx (150 miles each way) and picked this stuff up. I haven't had a chance to clean any of it up yet, but other than a little wear it looks good. As mentioned, Majik integrated amp with MM Phono card, Mimik CD drive, and the Keilidh speakers with bases in black ash. As a plus it came with the remote, All Linn cables (2 pair -1 meter RCA) and a set of K400 speaker cables (didn't measure but appear to be 6-8 feet I picked up the whole lot for $500. I told the wife I was buying it to flip, but I may have to keep it for awhile, just to make sure it works properly.
  7. Thx. My area is only 11x12 ft so I only have my Mac, with phono amp, DAC, a Thorens TD 160 with a Nagaoka 110 cartridge, and a small pair of powered speakers. The family room is bigger at about 14x16 ft so there I have my Classik and the 5140's, along with a Pioneer Elite 300 Cd changer. Now that I know what the DAC will do I will at some point pick up another one for the CD change. I have been trying to deal with a guy about some older Linn equipment, but he has been pretty flaky so not sure that is going to happen. So for now I just need to enjoy what I have.
  8. I may have a line on an older system complete with cables, remotes, etc. It consists of a Majik-1 w/phono amp, Mimik CD, and a pair of Keilidhs. The previous owner passed earlier this year and the family wants to get rid of it. I will know more tomorrow. Not sure of the final price just yet as I have not seen it in person.
  9. I picked up a Thorens TD 160 II and am seeing a lot of similarities to the LP12 in the design. Was there any relationship back then or did they both come up with a good design independently? Thx
  10. I must be one of the old farts around here. My first 'record' was 'Day-O Banana Boat'
  11. I received my Schiit Modi3+ today. Hooked it up using the USB output from the Mac Mini. Only way to describe the difference..... WOW!!!! I can't believe how much of my music I had not been hearing. There are instruments playing very subtly in the background that I never heard before. The bass is so much tighter and punchier too. I am only using this on my desktop Edifier powered speakers, but it sounds absolutely fantastic. Looks like I will be ordering another Modi3+ to feed into to my Classik and the 5140's.
  12. Looks like I will be ordering a DAC. Since this is going in my computer room that is using a pair of Edifier speakers I won't be spending a lot of money. I am looking at a Schiit Modi+3. I think this will do the job for such a budget system. I am currently running the audio out of the headphone jack into the speakers and it doesn't sound too bad. Hopefully this will sound even better. Thx for the information. If this works well I might use the same DAC with my Classik and 5140's
  13. do I need another device in the mix to get this to work, such as a DAC.
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