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  1. audio-PHIL Thanks for your post, albeit about the phonobox predecessor, the fact you still like it and would audition the phonobox if you were looking for a new phono stage is useful.
  2. Quick question, does anyone use an EAR yoshino phonobox phone stage and if so can you give a review. I am interested due to price and the ability to switch between MM and MC cartridges and I will be using it with my LP12. Many thanks
  3. Blimey if that is true, then it is a truly astonishing upgrade, John Martyn is one of my favourite artists but I have to admit that his singing and lyrics have always been a Sweet Little Mystery to me I have an Akurate Radikal as well so your review is really useful. Thanks for writing your review.
  4. As with all these "which is best" questions, my answer is always the same. Yes, no, maybe. It all comes down to an individual opinion and in reality as everyone's hearing is different and what people are looking for in a system will be different there really is in my opinion no universal best. For what its worth, i consider Linn to be best for my ears, wallet and needs.
  5. Hi 'Troll Thanks for your reply and advice, I will speak to my dealer and see what can be done. Lack of sleep clouds clear thinking sleep first then phone call.
  6. All joking aside, I am a little upset about this news of the Radikal upgrades. I have had my Akurate Radikal for only a couple of months and already it seems it is now a little redundant. I had planned to replace my phono stage and cartridge as the next upgrade stages but now this Radikal upgrade pops up. No sleep last night does not help my mood or any clear thinging, but currently one unhappy camper. Apologies I know I dont have to do any upgrades. Rant over!
  7. I prefer neither, its the edge for me. Bit sharp on the old knackers but at least I can see both sides and get a a rounded view of everything.
  8. Thanks for the update, your phono stage and Hana are high on my wish list so to hear how pleased you are with it is good news for me. I will definitely be giving them a good listen in the next few months.
  9. Apologies for resurrecting this old thread but I have just got home from getting some new vinyl including a new sealed copy of Leonard Cohen's live LP, Songs From The Road 2010 Columbis records and have just played side 4 track 1 Hallelujah (the reason why I got this album). It is a really good live recording and Leonard Cohen's amazing voice comes over so well. I would recommend this album and this track in particular to show off how good the LP12 is. Even my wife agreed it sounded supurb which is a rare compliment as she really isn't into music. Now giving a 2016 sealed reissue of Miles Davis 1959 album 'Kind of Blue' in blue vinyl a spin.
  10. ThomasOK Thanks for your reply re my felt platter mat, i will take your advice and do this shortly!
  11. My LP12 felt mat is of 1985 vintage. Should I replace it as maybe the felt has flattened over the years and the center hole gone out of "the round". Is it the forgotten poor relation that needs to be replaced now and then? We replace cartridges regularly should se now replace felt mats regularly as well. In truth it would be sad to do so as it is one of the few remaining original items on the deck.
  12. Nestor Thanks for your reply, i grew up hifi wise in the 80s when a Linn Naim system in the uk was the dogs danglies. This influenced in part my purchase of the Uniti2 (which I do like sound wise) to go with my LP12 but even when I purchased it I knew it was a compromise and that there was better out there. Now I want to go try and improve the overall sound quality of my system and as another Linn Naim owner your comments are very pertinent to my situation. As you say I will need to do a full demo of the DSM against the Uniti2 before any purchase but I think I know the direction I will be heading in especially as I want some uniformity in the boxes on my rack.
  13. Zee9 as always on this forum I will look out for your thoughts on your new equipment.
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