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  1. I can admit it… only because my dear lovely wife doesn't come on this forum
  2. Hi, welcome to this forum! Going from 1 pair of Solos (passive) to 4 Twins (active) in 2007 was a fantastic upgrade! Before that – from my experience and feelings – the Komris could not be really fun with pop and rock musics. They were too polite, say "intellectual", with a lot of incredible details, but not capable to sound simple, like a (lot better) car radio. The Twins in aktiv made it. The energy became coherent with the style of music: huge!
  3. Thanks Nigel ! Didn't see it at all in the Linn app… it's in process
  4. Even if the electronics are Solos, Kontrol and CD12 ? The debat could be of course the speakers… but I could listen to the same differences at home, as on 2 others speakers at the store… That said, it was with main cables, not with interconnects!
  5. Hi Johan, Great way to test cables if needed Like Nigel, looking forward to the update!
  6. It makes sens… Some of us – on this forum and else where – got very far with Linn or other brands. This quest for better and better has no end as you said, could fall in the Dark side, and eclipse the real reason of all this: living with art. Ben said it some weeks ago: great music can have a poor sound, still great music. Universal rule. I think also that we have different periods, we change. We come and go with obsessions, styles of music, ways of living with it. Nice to exchange, Andrew.
  7. Er, Andrew, I don't see the point to juge that someone interested in the journey can't enjoy the destination I'm a sit back and enjoy the music guy like you, as tweaking is source of stress for me (too much parameters to be sure of the results or my feelings, my brain can't manage what Paul loves to). But when the better is easy to ear – thanks to a fine dealer who test it for you – my brain can manage to say yes, like for any Linn upgrade
  8. The Odin 2 Gold – around 30.000 $ for 1.25 m………………… – certainly do something for that price tag It was a cumulative demo, so this big boy came after the Odin 2, that came after the Valhalla 2, with Qkore / Sort Kone on the QB8, and Tyr on the electronics (a big Moon integrate and dCs as source)… Before that, Blue Heaven, then Heimdall 2, then Frey 2 on the electronics… Everyone follows?! The price tag of the 2 Odin cables is so high that it's impossible to ignore it before listening… and it was the end of many comparisons A-B B-A A-B, I was a little tired then. I would simply say that – to me and in this mood – the Odin 2 is a better Valhalla 2, and the Odin 2 Gold is something different, more organic, warm and introspective(!). Impossible not to think at that moment: man, how only one power cable can reveal so much more of the capacities of the system? To have the same upgrade in quality, do you need a 30.000 $ new amplifier or speaker or source? Probably… and that remains incredible I must admit. That said, it became also an esthetic choice. The quality before the Odins was so high. Nothing like the Klimax NGDSM upgrade necessity vs. CD12. Thought, the "modest" Qkore and Sort Kone were really great, and seem to be a must together, in the logic of better low noise: it gives that little plus of micro details that makes music more live and intimate. Enough to make a command for them… and forget about Odin.
  9. The Qkore seems to be a must… with this way to give more "grip" to the sound. Really direct and pure. I also heard – for joke – the new Odin 2 Gold into the QB8…………………………
  10. Hi Johan, Be careful – again! – with post about Nordost and cables in general on this forum I've had the opportunity to listen to a Nordost demo by the French distributor, at my Linn dealer, 3 weeks ago. Your messages and experience were of course in my mind… I loved: – Tyr cables, – Qkore on the QB8! – Sort Kone combinaison under QB8!
  11. You're right, father at the beginning too: LPs of Ray Charles (a lot as he was a fan), Basie, Santana, The Police… and movie scores (Bernard Herrmann, Morricone, François de Roubaix, Gainsbourg…), and classical music of course.
  12. Really love your enthusiasm, Paul For me, I think that's began with this mental claim : "I'm serious about music". I remember that feeling when I was 17, that the music of my time was crap (80') and the golden years were the 70'! My first paid job after being graduated – I was 24 – gave me a full little Luxman system! The first step to be serious with sound… Then some strange associations, like a little tube amp with enormous Infinity speakers: no bass at all of course! I remember me and my (future) wife, in our little apartment, listening to a CD box of Charlie Mingus I just bought, and trying to find…………… where was Charlie Mingus Finally – when I was 28 – I found my dealer and Linn…
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