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  1. If your order could push mine out of the factory… Congratulations
  2. But, but… aren't we a little off topic? Sorry, my fault…
  3. It's an other story of course! I'm not a fast car guy, but I really understand that
  4. Not so much with the last models! But OK, there is little distortions…
  5. Really, I love the Defender… It's the only 70s design car, that also drives you (anywhere) today. Every Defender is unique about its caracter, depending of the colors, the accessories: it can be pretty or military… As a designer myself, I haven't seen an other car like that!
  6. I wouldn't put the line in the 80s. In my experience of new recordings, first half of 90s was the golden age of CD: – digital technology was mature in studio (not at home), – quality of sound engineers was still there (but not at the level of 50, 60, 70s) – compression in the mastering was not yet the magical idea (read: stupid) – Auto-tune didn't exist (read: arggggggg…)
  7. Hum… our pandemic upgrade of 2020 is an analog car It replaced our boring family car… and it gives a lot of distortions!
  8. And MY question: Could I came back with my CD12 to compare?
  9. Well, well, well… Not my fault, as the beginning of all this was my Klimax Kontrol being sick : no more light, no more sound… Visit to my dealer — the first time since 10 years… because all was fine — and THE question: « You know Chris, Linn has a new benchmark product, that we love. It has a preamp section. Would you like to listen to it? »
  10. You were in vacation in Scotland at that time, or invited by Linn? Or both A great event for sure. Lucky you!
  11. Radikal 2 is there for that and I smell the NG Urika II too, to do the complete electronic loop of the LP12… It's just me, no info!
  12. Thank you Paul. A question also for Ben and Troll : What is the correct value of Nm for the 4K drivers of the Komris? I made it myself last week with a non-calibrated screwdriver. First time since 15 years… The result seems fine – no crack, Troll! – but I wasn't that secure when doing this…
  13. Paul, it's extreme, but… it makes sens And – as always – you gets the infos at the source. Have you a Linn recommandation of brand and model for the screw driver? Perhaps the Klimax are better just because of the case weight, after all. The screws are going anywhere
  14. You are right. Benchmark products can drive you where you didn’t go before. Your comment remains to me the second time I listened to the Komris at my dealer, back in 2001. The first time was all about being blown away by the sound of our well known CDs. The second time, a CD had been left in the player from a precedent session. I just arrived in the shop, and we talked during the time my dealer was turning on the system. Then, the sound caught us, at the same time: «That’s excellent!» After a couple of minutes of this orchestral part, the singer began. At that time, we said «ho, it’s him… really not my cup of tea!». Then we reacted together, as we were surprised: «These speakers can make you love everything that pass across, that’s insane!??» The object of hifi is to open the window, and give you the keys for musics that you didn’t know or you thought were not for you… It’s not only to play better what you already love (even if it’s really good of course!) Years after, these discoveries are a part of us. It’s done. Some products in audio can give you a real jump in that quest
  15. Thank you Paul!!!!! i've re-read – a lot better it seems – the first tread, and discovered this one… You can see my likes and Up in the order of my progress I have to say that Troll wrote some nice ones too Well done! The conclusion – that can't exist of course – seems that we are in a 50/50 improvement, with a hub "do it first" because it's the logic of the source and the logic of the money (1 vs 2 upgrades). Tell me if I didn't understand
  16. Thanks Jeff! My 2 cents question: As you know Linn since a very long time, a completely renew product from them couldn’t be just a little better. What would be the interest? A near new product is reallllly expensive for a company. Could it be that the isolation part of the new design has more impact to speaker with more bass, as vibrations are mostly created by low frequencies? 1 cent question perhaps…
  17. John, this is a response! it was a lot more surround with the NGKDSM
  18. Isn't it a part of Linn Exakt technology: same clock, the one of the hub?
  19. Which one gives more air, a bigger picture in the room? As I listened only to the NGKDSM that was incredible in that domain, I don't know.
  20. Welcome Neale Your statement seems the first that big in the hub side! Could you describe a bit more your experience? How did you test and compare the hub and the Organik? This is the key question of this tread.
  21. So, welcome back to a Linn forum Jeff Different thoughts, still in burn in? Linn emphase on the new Organik DAC a lot more than the hub part in its communication. But the case and internal of the new hub are so different, that a « just better » result seems not big…
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