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  1. I am using a Hana ML and its no way outclassed in my system . Punches well above its weight .
  2. Thanks Andrew . A short lead time for a show is not ideal and probably disastrous and even if we could have locked down a Hotel getting 40 ish exhibitors to re-commit and a target level of 500 visitors with lets face it a 3 month time slot . Well the odds would not be good . So the team once the deal is locked in place is looking at a decent ramp up period for maximum exposure .
  3. Hi all, Just an interim update. Over the last weeks the team, appointed by the owner and admin have researched a long list of potential venues. Initial sift took place some weeks ago and calls made to a shorter list. Over the last few weeks, a number of site visits have taken place. We are in negotiation with a couple of venues that have availability for exclusive use, this is as we suspected was a rare find and required a lot of effort. Please bear in mind that 2022 will be traditional ‘wam show, i.e. not for profit and self-financing, to this end visitor numbers will be vital to a breakeven position being achieved. Our very real concern is this factor and under the current government guidelines, and we feel that a March show would be too high risk as well as workload to make the show a well attended success . So sad as it is, what we believe to be sensible decision has been taken to plan for a show in the early autumn. Once we have come to a deal with one of the venues you will be informed, hopefully not too far into the New Year. I will of course try to answer any questions you may have within reason.

    Formula 1 2021

    Max is rattled for sure . I’ve never heard him complaining about the safety car so much but it was actually saving his mediums from doing hard laps and not understanding the 10 car rule and when it should be applied . When interviewed he said he was not on the racing line so Lewis could overtake but he hardly pulled over to one side . He knew if he let Lewis over take after the DRS then it was game over . I think there is no point performing a pass if the driver wronged does not gain the advantage he was robbed off . Yes it’s down to the wire and exciting but Max is tarnishing this for me . Just to add Bencat was spot on . Walking off the podium was disrespectful to his fellow drivers the hosts and more important the FIA . I’m surprised more has not been made of that !!!

    Formula 1 2021

    If you are being overtaken then break late force rival off the track and take your chances . A couple of times in a season can be forgiven but consistently doing it is not hard racing but irresponsible . Horner needs to have a word with Max not defend him . I don’t expect any top racing driver to like losing but no matter what your skill level at some point we will have a serious off and injury . Max will be dismissive of these penalties and that is just deflection because he is really showing he is ready to win at all costs including professionalism and a care of duty to his fellow drivers .
  6. When I had the Whest PS 30R I had 100 ohm against 64 db of gain . With the Allnic 1500 I still use 64 db of gain but no idea the bag of tricks LCR inside is doing but it sounds magic.
  7. I am running out of room fast but they sure are an effective way and reasonably cheap storage method .
  8. Its a hifi forum not a spelling contest
  9. There are three . Luckily Barry has chosen one of them so I can go with Talk Talk - The Colour of Spring
  10. I have a Whest PS 30 R that surplus . Just can't make myself sell it . Not a bad back up to have
  11. Kharma ceramique 2.3 CE . Had them 16 years now . They are hungry for power and need careful matching but get them right and they have a midrange to die for . Ceramic tweeter and mid driver by Accuton and Nomex Kevlar bass driver . A full three way speaker that with the ASR amp have never sounder better
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