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  1. Time for a bit of guilty pleasure - I'll fess up now and say I really enjoy playing this album (occasionally)
  2. This album was a commercial success right out of the gates but it was not very well received by the critics. It's an understatement to say that they have changed their minds in the intervening years. IMHO it's one of Neil Young's best.
  3. One of the best albums that came out of the punk era and in my opinion it stands the test of time well ........
  4. Probably their best known album - and there is a good reason for that .......
  5. This is a super album. Despite its title I would say its more R&B or Soul Blues rather than pure Blues. Johnny Adams has a lovely voice. If you haven't heard any of his music then its worth looking it out. Currently playing on Vinyl ..........
  6. After yesterday's Sinatra's Sinatra this one is now playing on vinyl - its a combination that works really well.
  7. This vinyl album arrived earlier this evening and is currently playing - Its the George Martin remastering that one or two others have also played today and like them I can report that its very well done. The SQ is FAB ............
  8. Another debut eponymous album and a world away from Madchester and The Stone Roses - This time time West Coast Country Rock . Currently playing on vinyl .........
  9. This has got to be one of the greatest alternative rock albums. Released in the late 80's this eponymous album slowly (at first) and through playing it at their gigs, propelled the band more into the mainstream. They were right at the forefront of the Madchester scene all those years ago and it's still a great listen now.
  10. Playing on Vinyl - Still sounding as good as it ever has ............
  11. After the chat around Frank the other evening I'd thought I'd stick this one on - Currently playing on vinyl .........
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