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  1. Disc I,J from this great LP Box Set ..............
  2. So many great tracks on these two albums ...........
  3. On Vinyl - I couldn't make up my mind which Police album to que up and so copped out and put this one on the turntable - Still sounds good to me .......
  4. Yes indeed - Exactly the same happens on my translucent vinyl and also on the splatter vinyl album I have. A weird optical illusion guaranteed to send your eyes wonky if you look at for too long.
  5. It doesn't take three days to build an LP12; nothing like it in fact. If your dealer has started on your table they have since stopped and gone on to doing something else. Obviously I don't know the individual circumstances of your dealer or what workload they have.
  6. I would love to see an Eros Se - one can only imagine the shape and form it would take .............. Sorry couldn't resist ...............
  7. Superb example of Country Rock fusing several styles of music including folk, country, gospel and soul along with rock.
  8. I have had a pair of Triangle Magellan Duetto's for just over a year now and I love them. Superb speakers for the money ......
  9. Still sounding good on original vinyl.
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