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  1. pardon my ignorance but what is the purpose of these expensive power cords and power blocks?
  2. i listen using some fidelio x2 headphones and an ifi zen dac. so i dont really fall into that category. i wish i could afford to though, so feel free to donate any unwanted equipment you have lying around. a quick heads up someone may find useful... Tidal are offering 3 months trial at £1/2 standard/premium per month for new users, until 6th December.
  3. im quite happy enough with the quality of free services, not to feel the need to pay £10+ per month for premium. and ive never run out of music to listen to on youtube.
  4. like i said, its not breaking any laws. also, i would like to add, i wouldnt pay £10 a month to listen to music when i can listen to it on youtube for free. but i might be willing to pay £1 a month. do you think those struggling artists would prefer £1 subscriptions or no subscriptions?
  5. can you show me where its illegal for me to pay for Tidal using a vpn please.
  6. ive had jobs that dont pay enough too. the secret is to move on and find something that does.
  7. yeah it must be hard for them on the breadline.
  8. if you were to subscribe to Tidal from an Argentinian ip address it would cost about £1.10 a month.
  9. i dont know if its just my imagination, but songs sound better to me listening to tidal than they do with amazon music. listening on headphones through a zen dac.
  10. ive just downloaded the 3 month trial and tried it on my play one. works fine
  11. ive been happy with my system for the last twenty years. probably because ive not listened to any high end stuff since i bought it. i am just discovering the joys of DAC/headphone listening though.
  12. thanks for all the replies fellas, makes for an interesting read.
  13. first: Yamaha TZR125 best: TZR125. i bought it in the spring of 1990 when i was still a teenager. just in time for a long hot summer. my first experience of biking and many great times over a 2 year period, including passing my test and touring Wales with a mate with a Suzuki gs850. mates 850 was new to him after only riding a 125 and he dropped the bike at a standstill a few times on that tour, including on me outside Caernarfon castle. current: Yamaha Thunderace.
  14. i know nothing about valve amps other than they look pretty and seem to be popular. why is such old tech still relevant and still so expensive? do they have a nostalgia appeal like old British motors(and need regular maintenance) or do they still outperform modern stuff?
  15. i still prefer win 7 to everything that has come since.
  16. what do people think of subs, do they have any place in a music system? ive recently bought some Adam t5v speakers for my pc and im quite impressed with their sound. they sell a matching sub and i was wondering if it would be worth picking up? ive never owned a sub before, so know little about them.
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