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  1. I did undo the two screws that I found at the back of the armrest/cue base attached to the arm column. There was no way you could re-position this armrest/cue base as the screws go into the column itself so doesn't allow for movement or repositioning.
  2. I tried Audio Origami but they didn't have one available
  3. Can you Wammers help, I require an arm collar/base to complete a Linn Basik Plus tonearm. Cheers!
  4. I own a Linn Axis turntable with a LVX arm, and have recently acquired a Basik Plus arm. My intention to replace the LVX after discovering the cartridge leads were unconventional at the arm end and not replaceable. The headshell was loose and I had to use 'loctite to secure it. The Basik Plus didn't come with an arm collar - so I thought I should be able to use the LVX collar. I discovered that the arm column where the collar nut should rest and tightened to results in the arm positioned towards the right corner of the deck. In order to get the arm to 90° viewed from the front, I have to turn the arm away from the recessed column so the nut tightens on the outer body of the column. Not a great solution as it marks the arm. Anybody else noticed this?
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