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  1. Is the reason that it is such a bargain partly to do with most people spending this sort of money would not be looking at the marantz name. They see that first, rather than a clearaudio turntable with a marantz badge?
  2. Moorgate have a few at good prices - an rb880 ??
  3. I do believe they are interchangeable. Older ranges might look similar but they are different
  4. All your replies and pics are appreciated. The pics are particularly helpful in making me visualise
  5. Pretty much answers my query, thanks. I’m intending to have them with lots of space, not tight fitting.
  6. I notice that quite a few of you use this range to store records. i’ m trying to get a feel for the internal dimensions specifically if you have bought the cupboard inserts - with this insert are the internal dimensions to small for an LP, or is it to tight? And have people added a back to the unit to stop records being pushed through, out of the back of the unit I am asking because i’ m looking at re- organising so that I do not have to bend down to find a record.
  7. Did you get to hear them in their room? Before buying
  8. I’m really in the camp of saying you must hear them in your own room. I’m probably not the only one who has regretted not doing that. I will not do that again. If you buy S/h at a good price, then you lower that risk, but for obvious reasons reselling speakers is not as easy as electronics. Did you consider getting a higher range neat, if you like the sound you have now? Are there any dealers quite near you, and what speakers do they sell? The sort of money you suggest spending does need you to hear them in your home.
  9. Definitely a speaker brand that is worth hearing.
  10. I’m not sure whether this is the place to post. Moorgate Acoustics will soon have a limited number of these, with warranty, probably less than £3001. Gloss black, but one pair in white
  11. There are quite a few, that I sing along with every word. one of them is Pet sounds
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