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  1. Hi Thomas, thank you for this very informative message. I never heard of Lejonklou and missed the fact that Concerto is a dealer. I had a look and it seems very interesting. I will give Alex in Concerto a call in the next week or so and ask is he can set me up for a demo with a few of the suggestions you have made. I'd be keen to test the phono stages side by side and also the Selekt (which i am familiar with) vs the Boazu above. Also noted your points about the Karousel and Keel. Really appreciate your help! Billy
  2. I am intrigued by the Sugden / Harbeth recommendation. I loved the former M30s - have yet to hear the XDs. Thanks for cautioning regarding the Keel issue - I will check with my dealer. I am in the process of drafting an email with one or two scenarios to discuss with him based in these responses. great message board - extremely informative and friendly.
  3. Thanks - I’ve wondered about buying Linn stuff second hand. How do you get the components assembled - say in the case of a Keel or a Urika? Would a Linn dealer do that?
  4. Thanks for the ideas. I underestimated (or perhaps forgot) the importance of the sub chassis. This is the problem when you’re out of the market and not using the gear for a while I think.
  5. Yes, I deal with a dedicated Linn dealer in Amsterdam called Concerto Audio. They seem to have a decent chunk of the Dutch Linn market. Very good guys!
  6. Hi Thanks very much you for this response - I really appreciate the configuration and price indication. If I wanted to go with speakers in the 5k range, would taking Kore instead of Keel be a reasonable trade off? I’m a bit old fashioned but really struggle with the idea of paying so much for a billet of aluminium. My first priority is get the system up and running, later optimised (as you suggest perhaps nee cartridge, tone arm too perhaps). thanks again
  7. Thank you - very helpful response. I think the Karousel and Keel are kind of inevitable now. I really like the idea of the Urika 2 - partly for the synergy with the Radikal, which I feel I never maximised since purchase. Have you thoughts in where you would go from the Urika (amp + speakers?) (I am also toying with the idea of an all LInn source (inc Karousel / Keel / Urika) and moving into Hegel and Harbeth speakers. Thank you Billy
  8. Thank you - the Karousel is a new product for me. I will have a look (the whole box needs a service anyway so this would be the right time to get that added). On the Selekt - thank you, for that suggestion. Very helpful. Much appreciated. Billy
  9. Hi All, I am a new member, and would really appreciate a bit of advice. This weekend my wife redesigned the my house, and I have been given carte blanche to upgrade my audio setup. So I am aiming to build a new system around my 2014 LP12. I will be discarding a Marantz PM11s2 and Chario Constellation Cygnus speakers which have served their time. This means I will be left with a Turntable and Motor and nothing else. Base System Linn LP12 + Linn Akita Arm + Dynavektor XXV mk 2 + Radikal Motor + Trampoline Future System Streaming: I want to add an appropriate level Network Player (along lines of Linn Selekt DSM) Phono Amp: A phono preamp which does justice to the LP12 (not sure whether there is a case for Urika / Urika 2) Amp: A quality amp - either integrated or power (but ideally aiming to keep box count low and keep signal chain clean as possible) Speakers: Standmounted monitors I am open to going etiher Passive or Active (maybe Exakt / Akudoric?). Can anyone on the board here give me a suggestion of possible expansion paths? I am a bit out of touch with recent developments on Linn or other audio products. I am also keep to stay as close to Linn as possible - although speakers are a question for me (I also like Harbeth / Graham / B&W / Focals etc) Thank you very much for any help, and I appreciate your patience in case I have broken any message board taboos Kind regards, Billy
  10. Hi Billy Collins,

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