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  1. Thank you for your help. This was not a problem with room acoustics. Please refer to my previous post. Warmest regards.
  2. Hi, thank you for your post. After extended listenings and cables experiments, including Linn K10 and AQ Type-4 speaker cables I found that the problem must be related with some few and specific recordings. In the great majority of musics the sound is fantastic. Both my DAC and CD have similar sound signature. The sound with Nordost cables is cristal clear. With AudioQuest Type-4 it gains more mid bass weight but looses a little bit on the treble definition - a natural trade off. Also a very nice and affordable cable. The K10 brought warmness to the sound but at the expense of significative detail loss. As incredible as it seems this cable had interference with the center image that I previously had with the Nordost and AQ cables. The singers voices suddenly disappeared from the center and moved to each speaker. Let me also say that the K10 was brand new; things cam change a bit after they burnin. Sugden and Harbeth are an excellent match and I'm going to stick with Nordost cables. Since the 21 SE is a high gain design I´ve follow an advice and ordered RCA 10 dB attenuators. Warmest regards.
  3. With the Silver I was afraid of ending where I am now with the Nordost. Also the dealer didn't have Silver demos, so the price difference was nearly 4x more. He also told me that the Silver played in a different league. He had strong good opinion on the Lynn K10. He didn't have the K20 in stock. Both are relatively cheap cables that seem to work well with Sugden - he had a few Sugden amplifiers in the past. I didn't order the K10, since they are copper color and I would prefer the K20 color. What do you think abou the SE+K20+P3's combination? Thank you again.
  4. I ordered a pair of Linn Blacks that were on demo. As soon as they arrive I'll let you know.
  5. I plan to do that, but user experience is quite equally important to me. Sugden clients are all looking for a certain type of sound.
  6. I agree 100% with your comparations. I took a look at Linn website but the only reference to black cables that I find is related to interconnects (ICs). Were you refering to ICs or speaker cable?
  7. Hi, thank you for the tips and for your borrow offer, but I live outside the UK. The amp is 1,5 month old. I estimate 160 hours of playing time - don't know if it is enough. The remaining cables are burned, except the power cable which has only 60 estimated hours of current going trough - Nordost recommend at least 168 hours.
  8. Hi, Lee. You have them with a Sugden A21 SE?
  9. Hi, The brightness is minor and only with some recordings or particular voices, manly female. I think the right tuning with the right cable selection and combination may fix the issue. The speakers you mention are good choices, no doubt. My speakers are between the wall (5 cm away - too close I know, but no alternative) and my work desktop, on dedicated stands, so I´ve choose closed boxes like the P3s. I have another set - ProAc Reference 8 - that also pair very well with Sugden, but they have back firing ports. Thank you
  10. Hi, I read abou the VDH you suggested and listened to a YouTube Video comparing the VDH 352 with a Nordost Flatline (I have the Nordost White Lightning speaker and interconnect cables). Indeed the step in the direction I was looking for. I'll try to get a demo on those cables. About the interconnects I had the Van Den Hul The D-102 MKIII, but I have sold them before getting the 21 SE. I'll also try the The VDH Wave series. Thank you for these tips!
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