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  1. Colin was always a great help when I ran the place. Especially around Scalford, he put a lot in that many of you won't know about. He never wanted any publicty for his efforts. As I wrote elsewhere, I always thought of him as a kind and modest man. He will be sadly missed. Rest in peace Col.
  2. Many other former members are sharing their thoughts on Facebook and other media. He's well missed.
  3. This is sad news indeed. GJO was a founder member of this forum. Someone that helped me get it off the ground by keeping it busy when we only had a few hundred members. He made me very welcome at his home on a few occasions. Top fella. Rest in peace.
  4. Richard Dunn and I fell out in the early days of the Wam, and ever since then Dunn went out of his way to make my life miserable at every turn. For a short while he succeeded, until I realised he was getting what he wanted by making me cross or upset. A man I wished I’d never heard of and never crossed paths with. For all that, I never wished him any harm and I know he would never have wished real harm on me. I felt strangely saddened when I saw this. No one deserves a tough fight against that awful illness, and I’m sure his friends and family will miss him very much. Rest in peace you cantankerous old git. Peace
  5. To play with a straight bat here, i will concede that anything under 20hz might be beneficial. However 1) shouldn't your existing speakers already take care if those frequencies? 2) if you are young enough to hear the difference a super tweeter makes, are you not just hearing distortion from having extra tweeters.. Is the sound really more accurate, or just different? 3) isn't it ironic that by the time most of us can afford such trinkets, we are too old to hear the " benefit!"
  6. No opinion, just a fact. I'm not a bat, and neither are you. So any difference is imagination.
  7. Big Dur rip. Nice kit while it lasted.
  8. Signed. The whole thing was a disgusting farce, on all sides. Let's try again, without all the lies (on both sides).
  9. But, but, I heard it so it's real..
  10. Now moved to www.thetimepit.com
  11. The yellow cymbal has a devil put aside for me.. Until I was about 24.
  12. Ooops. Quite right, will fix it thanks.
  13. Hahaha I might add those in. :-)
  14. I got 10/10, but then, I wrote it haha! http://www.thegadgetbible.uk/ BTW, the gadget bible name will change soon. I have no intentions of creating a site along those lines.
  15. This. # Without accurate power factor measurements (ever had those taken?) the kWh calcs are guesswork at best.
  16. Great to meet you all, and well done on putting on a demo aimed at enthusiasts, rather than a bland sales pitch. Pleased to see all the positive feedback here, it's well deserved.
  17. Well hats off to Peter and Dan and their better halves Rachael and Caroline. Between you all you put on an amazing show. Some wondered ... no, let's be honest, I wondered if the slightly more commercial aspect would detract from the spirit and feeling of the show and thankfully, no, not one bit. Everyone got the idea, Linn, Elite et al were on the same wavelength, having fun and generally not taking it all too seriously, while being determined to provide demonstrations aimed at Enthusiasts, and with real music! So well done, it's a tight line to tread and you played it and judged it very well in my view. And it's paid off already given the comments on here and during the show. Everyone loved it, myself included. As i said Sunday night, I can rest easy. My baby is in VERY safe hands and I am very very pleased to see it. Long live the Spirit of the WAM :-)
  18. Hi Horace, welcome to the wam, nice to see a newbie.. As for change.. you'll learn :-)
  19. I reviewed one of these a few years ago, stunning amp!
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