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  1. Absolutely wonderful, John's a great host. Bacon butties on arrival, afternoon tea with choccie biscuits, then a big plate of chilli with rice and pitta washed down with some beer for dinner. Thanks again, John, looking forward to the next get together. ATB snapper
  2. antonbhoy wrote: If you're where I think you are,get yersel' along to Clarkston Rugby Club. You'll see a good game and usually a bit of
  3. Close. 1st album Bed-Sitter Images.
  4. Bought his first guitar from Andy Summers. Former compere at Les Cousins Folk club,where he also performed. Played first ever Glastonbury in 1970.
  5. Greenock born guitarist,first single featured Jimmy Page ,released in 1966.
  6. Dumbarton born,David Byrne.
  7. notaclue wrote: Cactus Cat by Look Blue Go Purple?