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  1. Hi, Its Jim again, just wanted to say thanks for all the kind messages and e-mails etc, Mums aware of them all and how fondly you remember Col/Dad. She was always happy to host the bake offs at their home. Please raise a glass and play your favourite tracks (loud) in his memory later Thanks Jim and family x
  2. Hi, this is Jim (Col's eldest) thanks for all the lovely comments about Dad. His funeral will take place on Friday 5th Feb at Woodlands Crematorium, Scunthorpe at 2:40pm. Due to covid restrictions this will obviously be limited numbers, as such there will be a web cast of the service, should any of you wish to join us celebrating Dad's life through the web cast, then please feel free to drop me an email at wilsonjr81@icloud.com and I will send you the link when we have it. Thanks again Jim
  3. flounced doesn't exactly cover it. A lot got home from showing at scalfold to find they had been banned. Still no say in the wam show though.
  4. It could be mastering, it could be loudness wars, as some CD's still sound better to me than some LP's. There is good and bad in all formats. When bake off's where a thing I noticed a fair bit of expectation bias in action. At one of my own gatherings I had a slab of vinyl spinning with the album actually streaming through the system. The better quality of vinyl replay being commented on by a few wammers present.
  5. not only is it 320kbs from spotify, its then stuffed down a bluetooth connection. Not exactly giving streaming a level playing field is it.
  6. we often have 2 or 3 films streaming, music streaming, file back up, remote working going on at the same time. 10/100 switches have become swamped, 1000 not so. I put a new 10/100/1000 16 port hub in last week- no sound quality changes, or film quality come to that, and all the files sent arrived as they should, be that by file transfer or e-mail. We do have a 300+ mbs internet connection which also helps. I'm afraid I find the idea of any adequate network switch being of sound quality benefit a stretch of the imagination. Audio is a very low demand on a network, unless buried within some component is a piece of bad design or two it should function more than adequately. I can only assume from the number of tweaks and fixes needed to correct it their must be more bad designs out their than good.
  7. then in reality, nowt of any benefit. It comes into it's own when combining ripped libraries with streaming services.
  8. Do you have your own ripped library?
  9. Not bewitched by roon, but my sub will renew in January without me it bitching at the cost. If you are so sure of your costing feel free to bring a competitor to the market place. The cost of all the competition varies, I can not find anything to cover all the points covered in roon without changing web pages or programmes, or spending quite a bit of time farting about with some arcane command line instruction that is in Greek or double Dutch.
  10. For beer, No idea, not been this year. Covid and hospital visits have put paid to much travel. Can not remember how much it was the year before. There is a spoons pub that seems popular but as I avoid them wherever possible I tend to pay what is ask without thinking to much about it. Accommodation can be costly. Restaurants pretty much the same as most places. Pubs for cheap food, chippies everywhere,
  11. the duke is next door to the board, the black horse is down towards the swing bridge. moutreys restaurant on grape lane is worth a try- especially if anything on the specials board takes your fancy the marine is good, i also like rusty shears for lunch time eating.
  12. i assume by south you mean the west side, under the abbey. would that be the board at the bottom of the steps? if so the black horse also on church street gets some interesting guest beers in.
  13. Maybe it depends who you ask. It could well be if you ask a manufacturer who does not have a roon licence, you will get a different reply from one who does. One thing you can be fairly sure of in hi fi is that their will be a contrary opinion. You can also be fairly sure that some snake oil marketing will create a problem to be solved at some expense where non really exists. Forums are probably the worst place to get anything approaching a balanced view, the loudest ''special'' views tend to take over and subject.
  14. Then as far as I am concerned they can stay in the box especially as I am not noticing any difference in sound quality between ripped flacs streamed internally and CD's being played. Obviously I do not have the same check with anything streamed from quboz.
  15. What players are they suggesting and do any of them offer the spread of sources that roon covers. Most of the offerings I have seen use a laptop and software, plus apps from the streaming services, which is just a bit on the poor side.
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