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  1. You have the additional problem that the Farmers seem to want the pickers living on site. How many of the UK unemployed will want to leave home to live in provided accommodation, to earn minimum wage, from which food and accommodation costs are deducted, or would want the hours of bloody hard work the job entails. Many years ago this type of work would be undertaken by a lot of women from surrounding towns and villages. Usually this was organised by ''gang bosses'' and the pay rate was peace rate. I did a fair amount of it myself, during school holidays etc, but being a local with tractor driving experience I was usually lucky enough to spend most of my time sat on my arse driving. The money them, in real terms I think was better than what is currently offered.
  2. you seem to have missed your imagination is simply not up to the job.
  3. I really would have thought that if ethernet cables where going to have any effect it would be more likely to show itself on things that put some ''strain'' on the system. Hi Res video streaming as an example. How many people do you see singing the praises of fancy ethernet wire for this. Very very few, most of what I have seem are people saying there is no difference. Does this mean that the cables make very little, or no difference, or that the engineers that design TV systems to take a digital feed and turn it into the picture we see are better at what they do than the people designing audio systems to turn that signal into sound. Most of it stikes me as being at best audio nervosa, or at worst a peeing up the wall competition. As kernow said, I am pleased I am a music fan rather than being an audiophile.
  4. I spent some of the time thinking about two of my uncles, one of whom went through the desert war, and Italian campaign, the other who was part of the d-day landings. I am more than well aware of what they went through thanks. I am also fairly sure neither of them, had they still been with us, would have wanted too much to do with the 75th anniversary shenanigans. May be they would have spent some time remembering their fallen comrades, but neither of them where overly keen on flag wavers. If by some strange fluke of history the people making all the fuss had actually taken part in the conflict I may rethink it. I also believe they where much more aware of the need for international cooperation in creating and building the better future they wanted for everyone than fridays flag wavers.
  5. other than having to hear a fair amount of 40's music from a nearby street party I managed to avoid most of it. To me it is about remembering the lives lost not about some bloody party. The people who went through it had reason to celebrate, and did. Those same people went on to create things like NATO, the NHS, and the common market. Things there offspring seem determined to dismantle. I hope they enjoyed the gammon butties.
  6. If the newspapers reporting on the leaked plans for the next stage of the lock down are anywhere near accurate, it would seem that we are continuing with the well though out, well planned, with attention to detail clusterfuck that we are currently experiencing. We are going to have a group of the population deciding sod it, I going to do what I want to do, when I want to, and the other half to scared to venture past the back door. If what I am reading is halfway near correct it sounds like bumble bot Boris is going to dump his masterful attention to detail on all of us.
  7. I don't think the wealthy would virtue signal, giving money away tends to not come naturally to them. Pay it to everyone by all means, but have a sliding scale of tax grab back.
  8. do you actually know anyone that is dependent on our brilliant social care system? I do, and we have a government that has vilified them, branded them as workshy scroungers and reduced any benefits to a level way below anything that allows them to do little more than exist, and many struggle to even do that. We have a minimum wage that is below the living wage, and an old age pension level that is a little above in insult to people who spent their working lives paying taxes. Cared for, only if you live in rose tinted spectacles.
  9. we may have the buildings and beds, but I very much doubt we have the Doc's n Nurses to cope with the Nightingale's and normal hospitals. The NHS was silly short of staff going into this.
  10. it does sometimes feel as if herd immunity is still the target, just do enough to stop the hospitals running out of places for us to die. The UK being the best place in the world to live? hardly, it may be pretty if and when the sun shines, but it is not exactly a caring community, or particularly open and welcoming. Far too many me first type residents and little englanders for that to be true. It's not a bad place to live,but the best??
  11. have a word with these guys (https://www.facebook.com/volksaudiouk/) they have just built me one that works very well as a roon endoint, mine feeds out via coax to the DAC in my CD player, but I would imagine they could build one with a DAC hat that just feeds your amp via rca cables. Not silly money. image attached
  12. Sorry to hear that, I guess there are times when being a cynical sod is really helpful. We need more public awareness and education about how to identify the various internet domain names, and phishing e-mail type scams. There are thousands of them happening every day. No way to get any money back. Spent a few hours with Dad a while back going through the e-mails he had saved, as he was not sure what the hell they where.
  13. On the fishing bit, myself and eldest run a small fishing syndicate, it is about 1.5 miles down are farm track, the nearest public access is a public footpath, across a small stream, probably 800 yards away. The fishing swims or pegs, whatever you want to call them are at worst 40 yards apart. Trying to get some of members to accept it has to be closed at the moment is hard work. It has got harder with the you can drive for excercise bit, as long as the walk is longer than the drive. We have had all the members turn up to have a walk round, and do some fish spotting at some point. How many at the same time is anybodies guess.
  14. dudywoxer


    may be the kids or grand-kids have nicked all the laptops. alternatively everybody is sick of all the we are doomed and depressing threads. Most hifi threads are just circular arguments that change no one's point of view any way. Conversely a few other general chat groups I use are quite busy. Personally I think their are too many self appointed experts kicking around at the minute for any one's peace of mind.