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  1. not a clue, being self employed for a long time, paying £1k for a cart has at times been 10% of my salary, at other times loose change.
  2. bloody hell Des, that is just about the last paring I expected to see for sale. well worth the effort of getting to hear this set up.
  3. hard to put into words, but I think I am more into presentation style than anything covered by terms such as transparency, resolution, detail retrieval etc. What I have finished up with is something I can sit and enjoy all day. It is not the most transparent system I have heard, nor is it the most detailed, it does not have the widest soundstage, or deepest, the speakers don't quite disappear, and you dont feel the bass in your chest. I am rather pleased that none of those descriptions apply, as I have heard systems that individually do all those things better than mine, the trouble is that with most of them after 20-30 minutes I find myself wandering out of the room having lost interest in the music. I want to listen to music that holds my attention , makes it possible for me to spend a lazy day more interested in what I want to enjoy next rather than some filigree detail. I realise that this thinking probably goes against the grain on a hi-fi forum but hey, we are all different. Add to that a few changes to lifestyle over recent weeks have reinforced my views considerably.
  4. I use a rega ios, which I believe is sowter suts in front of a very good mm stage, with a very good power supply all in one box. It has so far adjusted to give a very good performance from Benz glider. rega apheta, various flavours of dynavector and audio technica. It failed to make a DL103 listenable, but I don't blame it for that.
  5. Roon does a superb job of mixing your own library and streaming offerings from quboz and tidal. Is it expensive is down to you, for they way in offers a solution to various squeezeboxes and pi's round my home, I would say not, but then I do object to paying too much for a pint, or bottle of wine. Good software of any ilk costs money to build, and maintain. There are usually cheaper offerings of something similar that offer an imitation of the real thing. You pays your money and takes your choice. Pay for something that works, or struggle along with something that nearly works, or involves lots of time farting about with arcane instruction sets, and inserting plug ins. I would rather spend my time using the software to listen to music than sat staring at a set of instructions on one screen while trying to get the instructions to work on another. Given the price of a slab of vinyl, that may or may not be worth having, a decent streaming system suddenly looks better value. My system runs roon on a ''normal'' windows pc that is turned on and doing other stuff anyway, and is controlled from an android pad, phone, or any convenient PC.
  6. Mine seems to pretty even handed it's me that has the bias. In common with a fair few speakers the spendors are much happier at medium to pushing loud volume levels but are not party animals. Suits me fine, seldom want to listen at higher volume.
  7. Now you are just pointing out the bleeding obvious. Some will doubtless insist on special servers etc, not to mention super duper network cables all the way
  8. There are so many ways to do this you really need to think about where you want to finish up. I use DB Poweramp to rip my files to Flac for the main system and MP3 for portable use. DB poweramp does decent enough job of gathering meta data and artwork. These files are stored on a internal drive in a desktop machine in a separate location to the music system, and backed up to a NAS drive. A Raspberry PI based streamer uses Roon, which runs on the desktop machine to feed the DAC in the system. I use a android pad as the remote for music selection. It really depends on what you want from a streaming based system, how much money you want to chuck at it, there are end solutions for most requirements
  9. You may well have to spend more than you think to better the MC1 and psu. I would suggest you need to be listening to the likes of the Trilogy stages (906 or7), Rega ios, or similar models from Lehman.
  10. Greg porter all rise. Seems a age since I pre ordered this. Track one suggests it has been worth the wait
  11. There is some stunning sounding budget kit out there, and equally some absolute crap expensive stuff. Far too much willy waving about hi fi gear, from the bling cases to posh veneers etc. Folks on hear spend more on a rca cable than most people spend on a replay system. Less bullshit, less I spent ????K, and more that is bloody good value for money just may help foster a few new peoples interest in music replay. put simply, if i sounds enjoyable it's good.
  12. Mrs Woxer loves music, but has no real interest in the boxes beyond if she likes the sound. At the last demo, the salesman was giving it large about some moon kit. After a couple of tracks she smiled at him, and ask if was broken.
  13. Have a word with Darren here, I have one working with roon at the minute. Really good streamer. https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=volks audio
  14. use the audio out from the touch into the sugden, if the sound doesn't change much look for a better dac. The touch is pretty good at 1 and 0's.
  15. I joined when Jim started it, still hang around but not as active. It was more enjoyable, and way may unruly in the early days. The first few scalford bake offs where epic, some of the mad systems put together had to be heard to be believed. So did some of the hangovers on sunday morning. Cable threads did tend to be entertaining unless you where on the receiving end.