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  1. New speakers. Sonus Faber Venere 1.5. Had the Dynaudio's about a decade so just run in!
  2. No chance. I bought 10 metres and split it into 4 x 2.5 runs.
  3. Just dropped too much on Chord epic twin biwire runs ir 10metres total, Can't tell any difference from 2.5 van dam blue! Am I deaf?
  4. Cheers Nopiano. I have been playing with position today. Another 6 inches out and more toed in. Nice improvement!
  5. The Venere's are a big upgrade in hifi terms. More detail and clarity etc. They are a colder harder sound but compliment the warmth of my amp and CD player very well. The 52se's were very musical though. Venere's are bi-wireable and this will happen in the next couple of weeks
  6. I have recently changed from Dynaudo 52se to SF Venere 1.5. Explicit to say the least!
  7. Dannish

    Hi Fi stand

    Can always make your own! Ikea have many different finishes. This is made from Lack 2 coffee tables and 2 Besta units! Stu, wood to metal nuts, 45x45 timber and a set of spikes for less than £100.
  8. Dannish

    Ikea hifi rack

    With the toys on!
  9. Dannish

    Ikea hifi rack

    Hi Bazzer. The Besta is smaller than the Lack. Same width but not so deep. http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/storage-furniture/shelving-units-systems/bestå-frame-oak-effect-art-60260877/
  10. Dannish

    Valve info

    Damm I should have looked here first. Anyway all is not lost. I replaced the Edicron 6922 from my Copland for Gold Lion E88CC to good effect.
  11. Dannish

    Ikea hifi rack

    Take two Lack coffee tables @£6each and two Besta's @ £15 each, m8 stud from B+Q £3, M8 wood to metal nuts from ebay £5, a length of 45x45timber and a set of spikes.
  12. Sorry to resurrect but I have found a supplier of this gear. I needed one for my Copland. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Teac-Zahnrad-gear-wheel-slide-VRDS-7-VRDS-9-VRDS-T1-CAS-/400683883470?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_77&hash=item5d4a9edbce
  13. I am thinking its a glitch in the software? Is this possible? Turning it off then back on when warmed up seems to restore full working capability. All will be fine while its warm. Let it cool down and the problems sometimes return. Leave it on for a while, turn off then back on right away and it will be mostly be fine!
  14. At the time I didn't consider them budget but I now think they would fit the criteria of this thread. The original Musical Fidelity MC2 speakers. £299. They would have done me for life but they would blow tweeters and bass drive units too often. I replaced these parts a few times until they became impossible to source.