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  1. You would need to swap out a circuit board interface to allow 5v supply as Node has a mains input as standard.
  2. I see Fidelity Audio also do a Low Jitter Clock upgrade for the 2i. Does that work if using an external DAC?
  3. I love the use of sideboards as an equipment stand, hide the less good looking stuff away behind doors and display the nice bits. Definitely the way to go. As I said earlier in the thread, when I build my listening room.........
  4. Having a bit of a clear out of my collection of cables from the past 15 years of system building. Updated 24/11/21 Audio Synthesis Silver Blue XLR 40cm pair SOLD Krystal Kables Sterling IC with locking plugs, silver wire 44cm. Two pairs available. SOLD Krystal Kables Copper IC Locking Plugs, 60cm SOLD RCA Splitter Pair (unbranded) Male RCA plus splits to 2 female RCA £8 inc P&P Cable Talk RCA Lead 1m pair £20 inc P&P Digital Coax 75ohm RCA 1m cable, as sold by Stan Beresford the DAC man. £20 inc P&P Cambridge Audio Arctic 1m Pair £25 inc P&P Thanks for looking, pm for any further info. Stuart
  5. Nice room, I envisage something similar when I build my listening room.
  6. There are actually 2 elephants in the shot!
  7. A new cable arrived today.
  8. me too. It's the HiFi forum equivalent of Readers Wives!
  9. My 1SC’s are a post above. Lovely speakers will never part with mine either.
  10. I had to sit slightly off centre to get it all in. The sofa is against the wall behind.
  11. I'm enjoying the little Mojo, just awaiting a little acrylic stand and a custom length Coax cable so I can fully integrate into my HiFi setup.
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