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  1. After a small confusion over which arm I am using the armboard had to go back to Charles at Truepoint to add a recess to enable it to accommodate my variable VTA adjuster. Refitted today and it's all looking really fine. A quick listen reveals a bit more texture and detail. I now have quite a range of VTA adjustments I can make so a bit of time spent listening and fettling is on the cards.
  2. Thanks TheFlash, seems that Brexit has temporarily cut of the supply route for Interface boards and LPSU's. Only way at the moment appears to be fidelity audio kit.
  3. If anyone has a Node 2i + LPS they are looking to shift, I am looking out for one, pls.
  4. I have seen loads of tribute bands and I generally find them to be a bit of a mixed bag. IMV talented musicians can replicate almost exactly the sound of their favourite guitarist, say but the singer is often the member of the band that can't quite hit the notes. However, one band that ticks all the boxes is Boot Led Zeppelin. The sound and the look is absolutely spot on. They faithfully reproduce every note, close your eyes and its Madison Square Gardens 1973.
  5. Very nice cover, is that a copy of Hotel California I see?
  6. Well said, I couldn't have put it better myself.