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  1. Mine is the same, pop, pop, pop with the last one while the record is about two feet away from the TT. Doesn't do it every time but very annoying when it does.
  2. I have something similar but not all the time, interested to see what your outcome is.
  3. If I hadn’t gone green with my latest amp I’d have bitten your arm off. This is a great amp at a great price.
  4. Are the RCA's still available, please?
  5. A Linn Classik was the start of my 21st century high saga. Purchased December 2004 from Sevenoaks. Didn't keep it too long though.
  6. One of the factors that got me looking at Class D amplification in the first place was energy efficiency. My previous amps were supposed to be left on all the time and boy were they warm. The Bantam One was in use for 5 hours on Saturday evening (admittedly only at fairly low volume) and was practically cold to the touch when I came to switch off around midnight. In the old setup I thought the LPS for my Node also ran a bit warm but now there is no class A-B sitting underneath that is also cold to the touch! I've now got the all clear to join Greenpeace.
  7. tempted to buy these to keep as spares! GLWTS
  8. I have a Plinius pre/power I'm looking to sell it that is of Interest
  9. As the owner of a new Bantam One integrated amp I wonder if there is in enough of a following of Temple products to warrant a page in the owners club? I got interested in class d amps and found a second hand Bantam One but got outbid at the last minute. Having wetted my appetite for one I contacted John at Temple with regard to buying a new one. Their website currently says they are not making the One at the moment but John said he would be starting production again soon so I paid a deposit and after about 4 weeks the new amp arrived over Easter weekend.
  10. I'll be interested in your findings if you go for the Supercharger PSU. I have just got a Bantam One amp from Temple and that uses the same super cap power supply. Only had it a couple of weeks but seems pretty good so far.
  11. pic borrowed from retrowow.co.uk There have been a few in between but the Disco is staying until the end!
  12. That's what they say http://www.bantamone.com/
  13. The Bantam is great, plenty of power and grip on the music. I like it a lot.😎😅
  14. They are Lee, do I recall you used to have a pair once upon a time? The 1SC's are my "forever" speakers but I said that about my Plinius amps and they have now left my system!
  15. New amplifier, takes up less space and makes a lot less heat!
  16. While this thread is merely 17 pages long may I ask a serious question? Do people buy super expensive power leads for their AV equipment? Surely an improved picture on a TV could be unequivocally shown to be the result of using a £1000 sooper dooper power chord with a bit of A-B testing.... if that was a likely outcome?
  17. 10 pages in 8 hours! If only I had the time to read it all...........
  18. I missed out on the Bantam One amp on PFM and ebay so have decided to order a new one from Temple Audio.
  19. Thanks for all the replies, plenty to think about.
  20. Thanks for the replies, I quite like the look of the Temple Audio Bantam One - 100W & 90% efficiency.
  21. I understand my little ProAc's like a bit of power but is there anything I should bare in mind if looking to use Class D amplification with them?
  22. I have a 7" of Give Em Hell in my collection from back in the day. I never saw Witchfynde live but I did see Angel Witch, does that count? LOL Give Em Hell is on Tidal will give it a listen later
  23. Gave this a try after seeing this post, very interesting. Thanks for posting Lee.
  24. How do you switch from offer to offer? they all seem to say new users only. I'll come to end of my initial 4 month deal in April so it would be good to have a plan to avoid £19.99 per month. Thanks Stuart
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