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  1. All sources through the speakers. Didn't used to get it.
  2. I have a bit of a hum, audible during quiet passages of music or when nothing is playing.
  3. How do I get in touch with Henry, please?
  4. Just found this thread! Almost 12 years later I still have these amps. Love what they do with my Proacs.
  5. Thanks have made contact, not too far away from me so might be very comvenient.
  6. I have had my power amp for 12 years and with it being 2nd hand when I got it, I am thinking maybe I should get it serviced. Are there any recommendations as to who I should take it to? It is a Plinius 8200P. Thanks in advance. Stu
  7. I remember hearing yours at Scalford in the early days Henry! That's what led me to buying a pair for myself. Your Tannoys are a of bit different scale, eh?
  8. I have a pair of 1-SC's bought about 9 years ago from the classifieds on here. Wouldn't swap them for anything else, definitely a keeper. The do seem to bend the laws of physics with the apparent base response. Mine still seem to be in good nick but I wonder about sending them to ProAc for a service & TLC.
  9. Well it is MOT time again and the Disco failed :-( It needed a new ball joint on the steering arm and that was all. Will be back on the road again tomorrow and the new bit only cost a fiver.]
  10. I saw Savages a week or so before the 6 Music festival and they were superb, must see them again soon.
  11. Looks interesting, I'll reserve the first book at my library. Thanks Serge Edit, Just found out my wife already has the 1st of the series on our Kindles. Sorted.
  12. Having read Rankins Rebus, Billinghams Thorne & all of Michael Connelly + most Lynda La Plante and Val McDermid I am looking for a new series of books to read. Any good suggestions please?
  13. Get some experience of riding in a group. Before starting mass start races you need to feel comfortable being close to the wheel in front and going handlebar to handlebar. Sudden movements are not a good idea unless you are totally aware of who is around you. Join a club and get out with a decent size group and see how you like it. Crashes seem to be on the rise in bunched racing these days due to lots of low experience newbies. Don't let me put you off - it is the best feeling in the world IMO, but you need to be safe for your own sake but also for the rest of the bunch.
  14. Seen the film, thought it was great but probably won't buy the new recording as I normally prefer studio recordings. Don't think the concert version will be as good without the imagery. Didn't realise he's 72. Looks good on it.
  15. Interesting approach but I can't see it taking off around this Forum!
  16. These were recommended to me by a Wam thread and very good they are too. Sennheiser HD 25 Much better than the Grado SR60 I had previously. PS Love that Hawkwind quote in your sig!
  17. Thanks for all the posts on this chaps, looks like I'm pretty much at the top of the MM tree and need to start saving for an MC if I hope to get any major improvement over what I have now.
  18. Had my Ortofon 2M Black for quite a while now and have lost touch with what is hot in the cart world. Without spending a fortune is there anything better out there these days? I only have a MM phonostage so no plans for MC cart but I know the stylus for the Black is nearly the same cost as the cart itself so was wondering what to else is worth looking at?
  19. I have noticed that faint hum from my system is gradually getting louder. There has always been a little hum if audible if I had my ear close to a speaker but now it is more noticeable and I'd like to sort it out before it gets worse and starts to really intrude on quiet passages in my music. Is it time to get my Plinius amps serviced or am I barking up the wrong tree here?
  20. 2 spare tubes, one Park tyre boot, two tyre levers, Race Rocket HP pump and a brass valve extender in a Pro container kept in one bottle cage. Gets swapped from bike to bike depending on what I'm riding. Never take tools - I have confidence in my skills as a mechanic that nothing will come loose.
  21. I watched you all ride past my house in Molesey, 25,000 cyclists is an amazing site. Sounds like a bit of a crash fest though! Well done to all who did it.
  22. Good to see you've gone 4WD Dom, you're on course for the ultimate car - Land Rover Discovery.