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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^ what Prof chaos said ^^^^^^^^ chezi
  2. Hmm , seeing as Biosphere have just creeped up in this thread , I reckon this album shouldn't go unmentioned. GLOBAL COMMUNICATION 76:14 another classic Ambient album and fairly well priced at Amazon atm. chz
  3. I done exactly the same thing , then I dropped the bloody thing on the floor. I taped it to the inside of the box after I found it though. I really rate the Variable resistance album , pity it was so limited and not many folks will have the chance to hear it , but that's 3 of us got one of the 175 of them , wonder how many other forum members own it ?? chezi
  4. Was always on the cards I s'pose. I've never seen so much power and energy from a 2 piece band live , ever. (not that there are/were a lot of 2 piece bands around doing this kinda shit) As said before , Elephant is a class album and the rest aint to shabby either IMO :-) chezi
  5. If you like Demdike Stare try out Pendle Coven , Daughter of the Industrial Revolution (very limited edition 3 x 3" cd boxsets so could be expensive) and Anworth Kirk. btw Triptych is a nice set of the albums on cd , I have them on vinyl but the cd set is cheap enough so I bought it anyway. chz
  6. ............ in the snaw. 2011 Ducati Desmosedici video chz
  7. Autechre ; Move of ten. Autechre ; Oversteps. Caribou ; Swim. Chemical Brothers ; Further. Demdike Stare ; Forest of evil. Demdike Stare ; Liberation through hearing. Demdike Stare ; Voices of dust. Brian Eno ; Small craft on a milk sea. The Fall ; Your future , our clutter. Four Tet ; There is a love in you. Gorillaz ; Plastic beach. Hot Chip ; One night stand. Anworth Kirk ; Anworth Kirk. Thomas Koner ; Permafrost. LCD Soundsystem ; This is happening. Massive Attack ; Heligoland. Plastikman ; Kompilation. Salem ; King night. Shackleton ; FabricLive 55. Skream ; Outside the box. Trentemoller ; Into the great wide yonder. Worriedaboutsatan ; Worriedaboutsatan. chz
  8. Not free to own but you can watch it anytime. Ladels and Jellyspoons I give you .................................................. This would've made a great Xmas No.1 chz
  9. Curious Corn , probably the most bass heavy of the Ozrics albums. Aye , bet Anthony's neighbours loved us that day ................................. not :-) chezi
  10. Booka Shade sounds kinda the same stylee as this guy. chz
  11. Another great album from Demdike Stare , I'm impressed with everything by them and the other spin-offs from Pendle Coven , including the Daughters of the industrial revolution album Variable resistance part 1-3 , 3 x 3" cds in very ltd edition , 'kin awsome that is. chz
  12. Having concrete floors means you won't suffer footfall problems so I would personally go down the table route. No need to spend fortunes on Mana. RA tortlyte is supposedly good but very expensive too , as a cheaper lightwieght alternetive something like the LACK table from Ikea and a set of spikes and inserts from HERE make sure the spikes pierce the carpet onto the concrete and the table doesn't rock. :)There are more "ornate" spikes available but this will give you the jist. chezi