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  1. I’ve got to agree with the general consensus here, getting ACS custom moulds for my ER-4p’s was the best £90 I've spent in a long time. I had ummed and ahed for years on whether to get some; I just wish I had bit the bullet earlier instead on wasting a lot of money buying different earphones trying to improve on my ER-4p’s
  2. Living in the sticks I'm a bit limited on the venues I can comfortably get to and more importantly get back from at a reasonable time for work in the morning. Those that I do frequent include Rock City in Nottingham, which has already been mentioned a couple of times is good as is The Junction in Cambridge, both J1, which is comparable to Rock City and J2 for a more intimate atmosphere.
  3. Very interesting, thanks for pointing it out I’ll have to keep an eye out for it in the future. Hopefully it’ll catch on and the record labels might take note, although I very much doubt it
  4. I bought some ER4-P’s about 8 years ago when they were considerably more expensive than the price you can buy them for now. Over the years I have tried most of their major competitors but I’ve yet to find any that I prefer to the ER4-P’s. Some of the alternatives have certain characteristics that some people may find more appealing like a more prominent bass but I prefer a neutral and detailed sound and that’s where the ER4-Ps excel. I had custom moulds made for them 18 months ago and prior to having them made I again tried some of the competition before committing to moulds that fitted only ER4-P’s but again there was nothing I listened to that I considered an improvement. The custom moulds were £88 and well worth the money, I wish I had bought them when I first considered them years ago but I kept putting it off thinking something would come along to beat the ER4-P’s but that hasn’t happened in my opinion.
  5. Good choice Lee - - - Updated - - - The Unwinding Hours - Afterlife
  6. Living in the sticks rather limits who I can get to see venues like RockCity and The Rescue Room in Nottingham and The Junction and Corn Exchange in Cambridge are within a 90 minute drive so that rather restricts who I can see. However I do attend 10 to 12 concerts a year, notable ones so far this year have been Lanterns on the Lake, Ladyhawke and Bat for Lashes, and I’ve also got tickets booked for Radiohead and Beach House later in the year
  7. Young Moon - Navigated Like the Swan
  8. Like a few others have said my ultimate drive would be an F1 car, I’ve driven a F2000 car and the cornering ability of that was mind blowing compared to any other car I’ve driven, so god knows what an F1 car is capable of. Not that I would be in any way talented enough to get the heat in the tires to corner at those speeds and g forces
  9. Agreed, two total dullards swinging their handbags about on soccer pitch which has been totally spun out of control due to media manipulation; it was the lead story on the BBC news one day this week for fucks sake We’re in the middle of a double dip recession, the Euro in on the brink of collapse along with several European economies, daily innocent people are being massacred in villages all over Syria and the LEAD story on one of the largest news organisation in the world is two soccer players calling each other names, it’s shameful it really is Rant over...
  10. Seconded, a stunning soundtrack which you become totally immersed in
  11. Chrysta Bell - This Train via the excellent Bandcamp site