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  1. They arrived in disappointing condition On the way back to the seller for a refund. A better pair would work nicely in the office, though - if anyone spots some, a heads-up would be much appreciated
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions! I'm looking forward to getting them set up now. Spending a lot more time than usual in my small home office at the moment. Hoping they might work well as a temporary upgrade in that small room
  3. Ended up finding a pair for a good price and ordering - fingers crossed they do prove bulletproof! Looking forward to having a play with my new toy They come with remote and cables. I'm planning to run them initially from an old Cambridge Dacmagic with a coax digital output. I've found the Meridian manual here. Anything else I'll need?
  4. GLWS. I'm listening on a pair of these at the moment. Fast, and vocals sound great. Good bass for the size, but I'm using with a sub and active crossover - means they can fill a big room no problem, and sound especially good with music like hip hop. I'm also planning to replace them now I've got more space. Been more than a year, and I've not found anything better for sensible money. Assuming I eventually do replace (an amp's playing up, so active speakers may sense at some point) I'll be spending more than £450 if I want an improvement...
  5. Thanks again for the comments. From what I can see, Meridian no longer support these speakers. I'm in Dundee, and don't know of any local repairers. I'm guessing this means that - if they do break - there's a good chance I have an expensive paperweight?
  6. I used to use one amp to drive speakers in my lounge and in my office. Can be cheaper/better than buying two amps
  7. Thanks! So these shouldn't be a pain to use without Meridian kit to connect to them? And price doesn't sound unreasonable? There's also the question of whether I like how they sound in my room, of course! Dealer allows returns; posting will be expensive and a PITA, though.
  8. I've seen a pair of these for under £700 delivered (including remote and cables). Had a play with these in a Meridian system years ago and liked them. How well will these work with non-Meridian kit? I'm trying to work out if they'd be a fun thing to play with or a nightmare to set up! I'd only be listening to digital sources. Lots of these only have optical outputs, though. I use a Yamaha DSP A2 in the main system, which should be able to give a coaxial output into the speakers for the short term - but would I be able to get a simple but decent optical to coax converter, as a 20kg receiver is overkill as a converter! They'd be replacing either audio physic spark speakers in the main system or a pair of vintage b&w DM17s in the office. Happy enough with both of them, but I quite fancy something new to play with...unless the Meridians are likely to be a downgrade
  9. Listening on these now. Had then for years, and I've no desire to upgrade. Great headphones at a good price
  10. Decent cosmetic condition, given age. Music comes out distorted, though (even if just using as power amp). Free to collect from Dundee (preferred) or can probably post if someone is keen. If posting, recipient can donate to GiveDirectly instead of paying postage costs
  11. Thanks! I'll take a look at those models. Any other suggestions, let me know
  12. I'd like a cheap amp for a garage/gym system - what do you good people have It's to drive some Castle Pembroke speakers - so doesn't need to be massively powerful (they don't have huge power handling) but I want something with more oomph than a wee Sonic Impact T Amp. A power amp or integrated or old av amp would be fine (it'll be driven by a Chromecast with its own volume control). £20 or £30 would be ideal - it's not exactly for critical listening, and all amps do sound the same I'm in Dundee, if anyone is local.
  13. Ha! Whether the tweeters are at ear height depends on whether I'm doing squats or pull ups... This is the speakers in their current habitat. Not exactly ideal acoustics, but they're sounding pretty nice. Arguably the speakers are too good for a garage system but the last owner was definitely a smoker - and the smell hadn't shifted...
  14. I've been playing with the equaliser on this (to cut bass). It seems pretty basic, but better than nothing... I was curious if anyone had seen measurements or more detail on it - there's not much on Google's site.
  15. Thanks! Seem to be way working ok now - tempted to just leave until any more problems crop up, unless this is a bad idea?