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  1. If this is new as described, it's a great price - £820 for AE1 active speakers in a nice finish. I've no connection with the sale
  2. Thanks. Nothing for me, but the AVI and Ophidian speakers could both be a decent deal after the discount...
  3. AE1 actives don't have auto on (and the on/off switch is slightly awkwardly placed). I just have mine on the one mains strip and turn this on/off at the mains. If the kids could do this you'd widen your options for speakers quite a lot... I'm really happy with the AE1s for the money. That said, though, if your budget runs to thousands more you'll have lots more options (or could add sub etc)
  4. Kef LS50 wireless (used) for under a grand, if you can collect from Tunbridge Wells. Seems a decent price
  5. Thanks! Can I ask how much the duty, fees etc ended up being on the one from MiniDSP direct? Oh - meant to say that buying from Sound Imports would be about £50 dearer, not cheaper...
  6. The 2x4 HD is back in stock at Sound Imports. Has anyone bought from there and/or direct from miniDSP? After duty, buying from Sound Imports would be maybe £50 cheaper - so will probably just go with the one with better customer service... I don't need the kit in any great hurry
  7. I'm biased, but you could get a pair of AE1 active speakers secondhand (and run them off an Echo Dot) for not too much more than £500...
  8. How often are people plugging/unplugging hifi kit?! I wash my hands after opening and plugging in new kit, and unless it's something I need to handle to use I don't tend to have a reason to touch it for days or months after that (by which time the low risk of surface transmission will be even lower).
  9. I owned and enjoyed Ditton 44s. I'd thought of buying another pair a year or so back, but the price they're going for nowadays put me off. As it happened, I ended up getting some Castles Unless you get a bargain, or luck out and find a pair in as new condition, I'd probably look at other models. There's loads of options secondhand in the same kind of price range, and speakers the 44s age have a decent chance of needing work well before your hearing goes!
  10. If you're just looking to run one source (Echo Dot) you could spend almost all your budget on some active speakers. Could get something pretty nice, especially if you buy secondhand...
  11. Are you sure it's that bad? Don't see why you couldn't get decent sound on the couch at least. If you buy active speakers or an amp with tone controls, that'll help you deal with any room issues. A decent hifi in your budget could give you much better sound than Amazon speakers and could easily be going strong far after the point where a smart speaker is an obsolete paperweight. Kitchens can be acoustically awful and noisy, and yours is also a long way from your speakers. You might end up wanting to get a speaker for the kitchen, especially if playing loud from by the fireplace could annoy the neighbours. I'd try with speakers where you plan and see how it goes, though! If I was buying, I'd see what active speakers were in budget and then add something like a Chromecast audio. If you can buy secondhand you'll have more choice...
  12. Thanks. Kalibrate wasn't showing up on my searches because they have it as POA - Ive asked for a price
  13. Planning to buy a miniDSP 2x4HD. Seem to have sold out at Soundimports and struggling to find good UK options. Can get new from US via eBay for about £200 Inc customs charges (and I'd still need to buy a UMIK). Any better options? Don't know if I'd be as well buying direct from miniDSP...
  14. jon

    Amp for B&W

    Enjoy the new speakers! What makes you think you need a new amp? I wouldn't bother buying new at that kind of price - unlikely to give a noticeable improvement over what you've got. Buying a pro amp (e.g. one of Berhinger's studio amps) might give you more power within budget, if that's what you want, but sitting close to the speakers do you really listen loud enough to need this? If you're buying used, I wouldn't bother with an original NAD 3020. I've had one - sounded nice, but limited power by modern standards and if they're fetching 200 euros that is probably down to the vintage/classic status of the amp as much as the sound. You might get a pretty nice AV receiver without the connections modern AV users want for in budget...or otherwise you're just waiting to see if a bargain comes up. I'd enjoy what you've got for a bit before buying new stuff, though!
  15. If you're looking for a more turntable-like presentation, trying a tube DAC or buffer seems reasonable (or a NOS DAC). You could also play with DSP to tweak the digital sound for a more LP12 like presentation... Your budget will give you loads of choice. Personally, I'd try some of the lower-cost options first - might leave you a good amount spare for buying music