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  1. Apparently, run-in is required in my instance. The Hyper is doing better now after a weekend's worth of hard thwacking. My Equator Integra hit the ground running from day one, so I was not prepared for what I got from a virgin Hyper. The reference tracks were from Pet Shop Boys' live set Inner Sanctum. Neil Tennant's voice was so pinched and the basslines lacked impact. Now he sounds like himself. Granted, that album is an imperfect live recording but large-scale orchestral recordings also suffered, by lacking gravitas. The panic has abated. This Hyper does what its design spec says, it aims for transparency. It does seem to my ears though, whenever upper frequency sounds get busy this i/c really likes getting its teeth into them and the bass plays second fiddle. I'll let the running hours accumulate some more... SS
  2. Well I thought I'd experienced every thing in my decades in this hobby... I just swapped out an Atlas Equator Integra interconnect for a brand new Hyper Integra. The improved resolution across the midrange and treble is discernible, but the the bass... its presence is reduced by 50% compared to the Equator. I'm neutral about the concept of running in, but Fellow Hyper Integra users... in your experience, does the bass reproduction on this i/c gradually fill out to match the exemplary upper frequencies? I have about 20+ hours use on mine so far. SS
  3. For nostalgia's sake, I had contemplated re-acquiring a KEF Coda 7 or Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo One I saw online. Had lovely memories of these iconic 1995-2000 budget standmounts. Then I recently acquired Q Acoustics 3010. So damn cute. What is scary is its performance. Mated with a great amp, it has no right to sound as incredible as it does. Today's budget standmount has surpassed the class-leaders of yesterday. There's no way the Coda 7 or Evo One is on par with the 3010. SS
  4. Its still alive. Like revisiting a comfy old couch which holds sweet memories of one's butt impressions. I'll insert the occasional butt indent then. The decadent collecting spree of 2014-5 has passed and I have more or less settled in for the long term with my main components for the past four years, which have now become vintage classics. A few have been sold (adieu Rega Elicit and Arcam A38, perhaps I should have kept you guys, sob), and a few classic pieces have been acquired (MF X-150, you are da bomb!). Mental stock-take of the stuff scattered between my and my partner's homes and the workplace: Pre-amps: Conrad-Johnson ET3SE, Cyrus Pre2 DAC, Ayre Acoustics K-5xeMP, Icon Audio LA4 MkIII, Musical Fidelity X-Pre Power amps: C-J Classic Sixty, Sun Audio SV-2A3 (25th Anniversary edition), Genesis M60, Cyrus X Power+PSX-R2 & SmartPower, Primare A34.2, Exposure 2010S2 Integrateds: Genesis I60, Musical Fidelity X-150 & X-A100R, Cyrus 6vs DACs: Primare DAC30, C-J HD3, Arcam rDAC (with linear power supply) and MiniBlink, plus handful of chi-fi Bluetooth receivers (I've gone over to streaming FLACs using Tidal Hifi) Speakers: Omega Super Alnico and Super 3i, Dynaudio Evoke 10, ProAc Tablette Ten, AVI Neutron IV, Dali Zensor Pico, Q Acoustics 3010
  5. Rabski a teetotaller... doesn't compute yet lol. Your memory's good too. I left the flowers and had a major career shift in 2018. Now in engineering and transport signalling. Steep learning curve and a lot of pain but the job's super secure amidst economic turbulence. Finally have some free time and oddly found my way into the Tent. See ya around. SS
  6. Oh, you're still around Rabski! Wine connoisseur married to lovely Belgian iirc.
  7. The cataloging of classical recordings on Tidal isn't always systematic, compared to Spotify. For instance, if you are trying to find Manfred Honeck's Pittsburgh Symphony recordings of LvB 3, 5 and 7 Symphonies, the artist is listed as Pittsburgh Orchestra. Honeck is uncredited. SS
  8. Two years on from going the route of single-driver monitors, a diminutive two-way has entered solidschateau. ^ ProAc Tablette Ten, Omega Super Alnico and Super 3i It is a splendid music-maker. SS
  9. SSM

    Classical bLog Cabin

    Ok Jerry, I'll be checking out Menuhin's Elgar 1st and VW 5th. They had better be good... Hope your Xmas roast duck was good. cheerSS
  10. SSM

    Classical bLog Cabin

    I am not sure his Edgardo in Lucia di Lammermoor tops Pavarotti's take, but Mr Calleja does the 'Mario Lanza' repertoire very nicely indeed. Sexy voice. They should have played his rendition of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' for Gerard's farewell. That would have made his career seem grander than it is. SS
  11. SSM

    Tennis, anyone?

    Hope the new statues will be truer to life than the infamous terra cotta in Shanghai. AM's reaction is priceless! SS
  12. SSM

    Tennis, anyone?

    ouch... Good to know that makes you happy and chipper! I wonder how many statues of the Murrays and Lendl will be erected in Scotchland over the next few months? That could keep ol' builder Lexi and Potemkin in coin for a while... cheerSS
  13. SSM

    Tennis, anyone?

    Almost unbelievable, isn't it? A Scottish tennis player world No.1. I wouldnt have thought this possible for AM in 2006, given the drubbings he got from the Big Two!!! Nice to see you around. Stay tuned for the next AM meltdown at the. 2017 AO LOL. SS
  14. SSM

    Tennis, anyone?

    It does merit a knighthood but surely it's better for AM to receive it when he retires. (?) Oh wow, Murray ends 2016 ranked No.1 I didn't think he could achieve that this year, so I'm a bit gobsmacked!!! Stratie, Sweetpot, Lexi, Geo... are you scotch bois still lurking around? AM is world No.1 !!! This is your chance to sock it to me LOL!!! SS
  15. SSM

    Tennis, anyone?

    This is another year where the men's and ladies FO champions were knocked out so early. Agassi and Graf in 1999 is another. If AM doesn't go into top gear and win the whole shebang, he will rue this golden opportunity forever. SS