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  1. Hi Tillman. Thanks very much - I am reasonably happy with it. I was on my way to shoot a lighthouse and saw the shot from the side of the road, parked up and whipped the ND on. While Mrs Craig is rather keen on last night's long exposure, and it will probably get printed in some way, shape or form, it was this one below that I've ordered from DS The lighthouse, FWIW, didn't turn out as hoped. Poor exposuring from myself. So I'm happy the water shot turned out well, and the evening wasn't wasted
  2. Thanks for the help, chaps Print sorted at DS, frame from
  3. I felt rather sure I'd asked this some time ago, but I cannot seem to find it through a search. Sorry if I'm bothering y'all twice on this one I'd like to print some photos in a decent size (A3-ish) and have them framed Does anyone have a suggestion for a UK company who makes decent quality prints, and has nice frames (which I suppose style-wise are a matter of taste, but it should be of a nice quality) The usual mass-market suspect - photobox etc - have options, but I am a wee it sceptical of their quality, which may or may not be an unfair judgement. Any ideas, chaps?
  4. Bit of a pilgrimage, this one. My dad's ashes (some of them, anyway) were scattered beneath this tree. 5 years ago Today's sunrise
  5. “Struggles with noise” seems an apt title for the above shot.
  6. A few early starts of late
  7. D'oh. I'm confusing live comp with live time. I had every intention of checking out the composite feature on New Years Eve fireworks.......but copious amounts of booze interfered with my plans. Next year
  8. It's a stonking feature, esp when you wanna keep the ISO low and shoot well over a minute in the dark. In your case, you shot a 4 second exposure: I'm guessing it was handheld?
  9. Been in a bit if a lull, TBH, but this weeks Light Festival finally got me off off my arse. (PS: WOW, I need to get my Flickr back and up running. the file looks awful uploaded thorugh tapatalk :-/ )
  10. Thanks for the feedback chaps I'm struggling to wade through my enormous pre-LR / un-edited back catalog, and the AI features on the new Luminar 4 seemed really impressive and could save me a shitload of time (using as a plugin to LR Classic) Or perhaps not, by the sound of it !!!! I'll wait til someone comes along and tells me its the dogs, and til then I'll be keeping my cash in pocket Cheers, Craig
  11. Ive been wondering about getting Luminar 4 as a plug in for LR Classic. LR still seems superior for organizing (not that I can figure it out, but hey) but leaving the "is it photography?" aspects of the Luminar AI aside, has anyone else been wondering about getting it as a plugin to LR? Or just me? (PS: As I've been going through a massive slump these winter months, there is a definite risk that I'm on the look out for something new to fiddle with that'll reignite my interest)
  12. Christ alive! Another filter system I'd not yet heard of!?? (Thanks, obviously - I look forward to reading up on them.)