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  1. Every now and again I get the itch to ditch m43 for FF / gazillion megapixels And every now and again there comes a shot that reminds me that it's not the camera holding me back 😀 Outstanding, Tillman
  2. I'm posting this as proof I've bene using my my new tripod, proof that my sensor needs cleaning, and proof that OM-D's are not the best in low light (especially when the user shoots at ISO 100 instead of bumping the ISO and increasing SS to something less daft) Still, its the thought that counts.
  3. It'd be even better if I'd straightened it :-) First time out with the PD tripod. Me likey
  4. I'm an unashamed PD fan boy. I love em. I have now been sat playing with this tripod for about 20 mins now. It's like Christmas. Frankly, it'd have to somehow cause my camera to explode for me to even slightly consider selling it In the interests of balance, I will though try and provide a fair assessment of how it functions as a tripod after the weekend.
  5. Been a while since I bought myself a new toy, so here we go [emoji41] Peak Design Travel Tripod (aluminium) The matter of whether it works in the field will have to wait til the weekend, but in the meantime I'm just marvelling at the engineering: it's a weapon
  6. Been a while: looking forward to catching up this evening! One from the weekend (edit..... something gone wonky with the fast n diirty snapseed edit there)
  7. The league is renewed from last year For anyone who's not yet in but wishes to join..... https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/p9nupl
  8. Congrats to Phil on winning the league in quite some style See you all next year!!
  9. Craig


    Having had a week to sink in, are owners of current m43 kit eyeing up Fuji's on eBay, or sticking to their guns? On a personal note, I always dislike being left with a brick, which I worry the Olympus m43s bodies might shortly become. On the other hand, I chose m43 as it fitted my (traveller) needs to a tee, and it still does.
  10. Craig


    Oh man:-/ Really gutted with this news (having married myself to the OM-D series) but I guess the brand will continue and I'll wait and see how things develop While Olympus seem to have some new bodies rolling out in 2020, it only leaves Panasonic on the M43 platform. And that can't be good.
  11. Hi Tillman. Thanks very much - I am reasonably happy with it. I was on my way to shoot a lighthouse and saw the shot from the side of the road, parked up and whipped the ND on. While Mrs Craig is rather keen on last night's long exposure, and it will probably get printed in some way, shape or form, it was this one below that I've ordered from DS The lighthouse, FWIW, didn't turn out as hoped. Poor exposuring from myself. So I'm happy the water shot turned out well, and the evening wasn't wasted
  12. Thanks for the help, chaps Print sorted at DS, frame from frames.co.uk
  13. I felt rather sure I'd asked this some time ago, but I cannot seem to find it through a search. Sorry if I'm bothering y'all twice on this one I'd like to print some photos in a decent size (A3-ish) and have them framed Does anyone have a suggestion for a UK company who makes decent quality prints, and has nice frames (which I suppose style-wise are a matter of taste, but it should be of a nice quality) The usual mass-market suspect - photobox etc - have options, but I am a wee it sceptical of their quality, which may or may not be an unfair judgement. Any ideas, cha
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