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  1. I have made a list of the top ten benefits of leaving the EU:
  2. A shorter one than the previous one I posted. You should have no problem getting through this (if you ignore the naked dancing loon bloke)
  3. A bit jaunty for me. I'm not so keen on the jaunty side of African music. But a good opportunity for me to dig this out again. That guitar from 3.00 ... One of the finest guitar solos I know (guitarist is Djessou Mory Kante). Only a pity that he didn't do a Grateful Dead and carry it on for half an hour.
  4. And this is a whole LP of magic. The liquid guitars and the scratchy vinyl.
  5. Speaking of ^, how about the guitars on this. Magic.
  6. That bit from 3.22 to about 6.10.... Best thing they ever did. By far.
  7. A song and a half. At least. Maybe a song and a ten. Award yourself a gold star if you make it through all 36 minutes. Lovely, rich sound quality too.
  8. The Indian singing makes this extra special...
  9. Trump's little mini-me's days are definitely numbered now that his political pimp has gone. I would be very surprised if Johnson is still PM in 2022. Labour's recent attack on Sunak shows who they think replace him.
  10. The Governmint is destroying the economy whilst lining their own pockets! This is epic looting. The Governmint is vomiting up money and gobbling it down... "The UK government has awarded a new £347m Covid-19 testing contract to Randox, the Tory-linked private healthcare company whose testing kits had to be recalled over the summer because of concerns about contamination. … Critics raised further concerns about a separate revelation that the Conservative MP Owen Paterson, who is paid £100,000 a year to act as a consultant for Randox, was party to a call between the company and James Bethell, the health minister responsible for coronavirus testing supplies."
  11. ...wait for it... will be... The senile pensioner. You heard it here first. The senile pensioner will win. I guarantee it. 100% correct. That is one badass prediction.
  12. Another one that is just so true! Johnson is a disgrace to the country. A deeply shameful day when he won the election. Everyone who voted for Johnson should be imprisoned. 5 years. No parole. I hope Sir Keir makes that the headline pledge of the next manifesto.
  13. They know he's a dangerously, criminally incompetent leader, but will they dare get shot of him before he wrecks the country completely? Probably not. Expect the country to be wrecked within months. I expect Johnson's parting gift to the nation will be a no deal Brexit.