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  1. It is quite clear that Alexander Johnson is waaay out of his depth. As dangerous as he is clueless. Intent on wrecking the country and destroying the economy. When he said f**k business, he really meant it. I wonder who will replace him? I reckon we will soon see a coup led by Rishi Sunak. The likely replacement as PM? Seems like it. Either him or Raab. Johnson gone by next Spring I reckon.
  2. Yes, it's that Eddie Murphy. A fantastic Rick James song.
  3. This will result in lots of lucrative contracts given to the likes of Cummings Locomotive Engineering Ltd and Cummings and Friends Rail Welding Ltd. The company D. Cummings and Sons Rail Apps Ltd will get a lucrative contract to develop a smart timetable app that will be a miserable failure in all but money in the bank for said company.
  4. I think it's the way he says "tiiiiiiiimmme" at the beginning that really makes this.
  5. Are phosphines like porcupines? Not very exciting if so. Alien porcupines would be quite dull. Given all the excitement, I would expect scientists to have discovered alien elephants.
  6. More 80s fun. Tip top tune. Dunno if they had much else worth listening to.
  7. Found myself listening to this today. Tremendous. When they rawked. Before they became awful (after Pyro).
  8. Who does melodies like Todd? Effing glorious...
  9. Yes, sorry, I got it wrong. They want to create dogodiles. Not crocodogs. And they won't be a crossbreed as such. They will have the head and legs of a dog and the body and tail of a crocodile. Dreadful.
  10. He's quite good at playing the guitar, isn't he?
  11. Someone told me the RSPCA want to breed dogs with crocodiles to create hybrid crocodogs! Pit bulls aren't dangerous enough for them! What an awful, awful thing to do. So irresponsible. I am fuming angry at the RSPCA. I shan't give them even 1p as donation.
  12. I was reading about the protests in Belarus and I thought... Is that Kenny Dalglish on the left? Glad someone found it funny...