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  1. Of course, CSN weren't the only ones to do a classic version of Wooden Ships...
  2. Who can fail to love those CSN harmonies? Volume a bit low in level so turn it up... but don't watch something loud afterwards.
  3. Incidentally, if you ain't seen this, it's a treat. Dio doing a first take of an unfamiliar song. Talk about a pro...
  4. I've just remembered what a tremendous track this is. Perfect heavy metal
  5. UK did well. It was awful. Awful music. Awful singing. Awful clothes.
  6. Great song and a great version.
  7. Pinkfish is the busiest. You can tell by the amount that is posted. Considering hi-fi is a much smaller hobby in the days of streaming, it has done well to maintain its busyness over many years. Wigwam used to much busier in the past. Ten or more years ago. Might even have been busier than Pinkfish in its peak. Wigwmam to me seems very quiet now. But I rarely visit the hi-fi parts of the forum so not sure how busy they are.
  8. A full Budokan concert appeared on YouTube recently. Live version of Paperback Writer.
  9. The annual Eurovision thread used to be Wigwam favourite. So... Which is your favourite (mostly dreadful, mostly English-language, pap) song this year? A handy sample of them all here. I see the French have not only stuck with French (of course), but also have berets. Très Français! I had a brief listen and concluded it's mostly rubbish Probably The Netherlands sounds the most interesting and pleasantly melodic so I would pick that. The UK will get less than ten points. Probably eight points from Ireland and that will be it.
  10. I posted a song by RLJ elsewhere recently and it made me remember how ace this was. Fantastic song. Not the most scintillating video, but entertaining enough for Wigwammers!
  11. ...you should now: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56594988 An audiophile classic for you:
  12. Surely our only hope is to rebuild the navy* and start invading again? * If modern parts and metals are hard to import, I'm sure we have enough trees left to build a few dozen ships. And we can raid the museums for old cannons and stuff.
  13. I refuse to recognise Elizabeth Windsor as Queen. I consider her an impostor. A usurper. King Harold and Queen Meghan are the true royals.
  14. I thought this thread was going to be about when lockdown started. Then I realised that can't be right. Lockdown started 5.6 billion years ago. Doh!
  15. Prince Harold said it wasn't Prince Philip who said that. But perhaps Prince Harold only said that because otherwise Prince Philip threatened to murder him for spilling the beans?
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