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  1. A shame he wasn't always this good.
  2. We are on our way to becoming Mexico. Oh well, at least the food should be better (assuming we can afford to import the ingredients...) "The pound is now an emerging-market currency in all but name, according to analysts at Bank of America, who say that Brexit has turned it into a mirror of the “small and shrinking” UK economy. In the four years since the UK voted to leave the EU, trading conditions in the pound and the big swings in exchange rates make it a better match with the Mexican peso than the US dollar, said Kamal Sharma, a currency analyst at BofA. He said that movements in the currency since the June 2016 Brexit vote have become “neurotic at best, unfathomable at worst”." FT so Google Pound is becoming an emerging market currency, says BofA analyst and go via Google to read.
  3. 'Well of Memory' was the best for me. Folky and lovely and strange. But it's a short discography and all are good albums. Dunno what he's doing these days.
  4. I have unilaterally rejoined the EU. I just decided to do it and I just did it. And, no, Brexiteers, you can't stop me. I am now in the EU.
  5. So it was the 19th when it launched. I didn't know such early threads still existed! Here's what it used to look like That is the earliest page on the Wayback web archive. Not sure how many actual threads are saved in the archive to read, though.
  6. Look at the state of the wires in that picture. And the faded paintings. That is Brexit Britain. A barely functioning, amateurish mess. You won't be cheering when the toilet paper runs out and tomatoes are selling for £5 each.
  7. A lot of the original members then moved on to Happened after Wigwam originally changed hands. But I can't remember exactly when that was. Maybe five years ago. Could be more.
  8. Over the cliff we go... A bunch of fanatical failed journalists (cos that is all they are) are intent on breaking away from our largest trading bloc in the face of the worst economic crash since the 1930s. No matter how much further damage that will do, they don't care. Madness.
  9. It was opened July 2005. Either 20th or 19th. I know cos I signed up either first or second day. You might find a member who joined on 19th July. Yes, it was something to do with the Hi-Fi Choice forum becoming rubbish or over-moderated or something. I can't remember exactly, but everyone came from Choice.
  10. Check the join date. I'm one of the first-day stragglers. I wonder how many are left now?
  11. I would ask who remembers the great P.G. Six, but I'd be fairly confident the answer is nobody...