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  1. LOL, everything I own seems to get banged up. You should see the state of my Milgauss! I don't worry about it any more, grew out of that.
  2. I get reasonable sound in my tiny office at work: Systemdek IIX / Linn Basik Plus / 2M Red Pro-Ject Stereo Box S Phono Mordaunt Short MS10 Also in my office at home I get decent sound from Tannoy Autograph minis, mounted on wall shelves, with a PC as source and an old Sony ES amp.
  3. In my experience valves sound perfectly fine, then absolutely awful for a short period (minutes!) then they die. Did you get the capacitors replaced when it was serviced?
  4. Indian Edge in Kenilworth is excellent, but you should book. Motorcycle museum is great. Coventry itself has interesting Cathedral but nowt else.
  5. Mono blocs are mono - they only need one left or right connection.
  6. I have a Musical Fidelity V-Link connecting the USB output of my MacBook Pro to a DAC. It's plug and play.
  7. Very old now, and not one of Cyrus better regarded amps. PSX-R IME a waste of money.
  8. Audio Note DACs will handle 44.1/48/96 kHz input. But they mostly just have one input (switchable between coax and AES/EBU). Only the very cheap one has USB, IIRC. No optical.
  9. I had a Cyrus 8 with Audience 52 SE, similar size and spec to the m20. It drove them OK, but switching to a more powerful (and less expensive) Rotel pre/power was a vast improvement. Before the Rotel I tried a Cyrus PreX/aPA7.5 setup, but that was no better than the 8.
  10. Could I upgrade for twice as much money? Hell, yes! That would be quite a lot of money.
  11. High end SACD - try dCS, Esoteric, Accuphase, Luxman, McIntosh, Mark Levinson, Wadia. You may need more budget.
  12. I am a scientist - but blind testing shows differences, so your measurements must be inadequate.
  13. Ha ha. Thanks Keith. I'm sure those itty bitty computer game chips measure great, but IME they all sound crap.
  14. Most DACs under £5k are not worth the effort. The ony exception I have heard is the £2k Arcam DAC, which was pretty good. All of the sub-£1k Chinese offerings are just crap, so don't bother.