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  1. Depends what you mean by long. 100 m is long, 5 m isn't. I'd go with whichever solution is more cost effective.
  2. If 10% can tell the difference with statistical significance, then there is a difference.
  3. We did a double-blind test on the wam a few years ago, mp3 (320) vs FLAC vs wav. About half the participants could tell the mp3 from the others. Nobody could tell wav from FLAC. So the premise isn't true.
  4. Spend the money on better speakers.
  5. meninblack

    Valve info

    I always used JJ Tesla E34L in the Air Tight ATM-1. About £15.00 each.
  6. Cat 5 is a kind of Ethernet cable. USB cable is USB cable. Just the one type, although connectors differ in size and shape. (Actually 3 kinds of cable, but not interchangeable like Ethernet cables)
  7. Down in the Sewer, from Rattus Norvegicus RIP Dave
  8. Hey Keith, I thought only defective DACs suffered from interference on the USB line?
  9. Best pre-amps I have had: 1. Audio Note UK M5 2. Puresound L10 3. everything else, except 4. Cyrus Pre-X. Avoid like plague.
  10. They dropped out of sight when Jack (Bigdur) folded his business, but now have a new UK distributor: Elite Audio in Scotland.
  11. And whatever happened to Devialet? A few years ago they were all over every show, the future of hi-fi. Last year they didn't show at Munich at all, and they seem to be focussed on expensive but poor-sounding bluetooth speakers.
  12. I have one of those in the back of a cupboard somewhere. To me, it sounds a lot like a Devialet. This is not a good thing.
  13. See also Beresford DAC
  14. As Lurch says, don't get hung up on cables. My budget systems use 79-strand (office) or home-made from 3-phase flex (home office) for speakers and basic budget interconnects. Your Revolver speakers are great, and pretty sensitive. Anything with 30 watts or more would be fine. I would get an older, Japanese solid state amp like a Sony ES. They can be had for not much more than £100, and generally have a phono stage for when the budget turntable bug bites!