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  1. I spent some time with Mr Eichmann at Munich a couple of years ago. He was, erm, a character!
  2. If you want speed, ease of use and convenience then dBpoweramp is unbeatable. If you want 100% bit-perfect rips, EAC is better. But not so easy to set up.
  3. If you had a better computer you would easily tell the difference between cable threads. Obviously you won't see anything on a cheap phone or tablet. I have a MacBook Pro, and it's like night and day.
  4. I'm waiting for the valve USB to S/PDIF converter in a separate, full-sized biscuit tin. Expect the entry level model at around £5000.
  5. LOL, I don't think it would fit their world view! Streaming isn't really on the AN radar.
  6. meninblack

    Snake oil

    £20! Ridiculous. If they made a gold-plated audiophile version for £3000 I might consider it...
  7. You need to host photos on an external site such as Flickr then link them. The wam doesn't have enough space to host unlimited photos, sorry.
  8. The last Audio Note room in Munich had two systems. The cheaper one used a single stereo amp (forgot which one) and the all-out one used a pair of monoblocks (Kagura, €200k a pair.). Never seen them bi-amp with stereo amps.
  9. meninblack


    I had one like this - you should re-align the cartridge so the stylus is parallel to the groove, even if the cartridge body seems twisted. That looks miles off!
  10. One of these should do the trick, without troubling your budget too much:
  11. If beauty is more important than truth, try Tannoy Autograph minis. They are tiny, but sound large. About £600 second-hand. But in no way accurate or uncoloured!
  12. The picture is too small to read what that is. The champagne chaser won't have helped.
  13. When I first started visiting the USA (early 80s) the situation was dire. Beers were very small, very cold, and you left them if they got much above freezing point because they tasted like piss. Thankfully it's a lot better today. I even got decent beer in a Holiday Inn last year, which still isn't possible in the UK.
  14. Stella brewed in Belgium is also shit. No-one there drinks it.