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  1. I use a laptop with HDMI into a TV then optical from the TV to my DAC. Sounds just as good as CD with high-quality digital sources.
  2. I bought a Cyrus add-on power supply. It sounded just as poor as before.
  3. I have a dCS P8i MkII, but for CD I play it through a Victor XP-DA999 DAC. Sorry dCS, but it sounds better...
  4. First: Suzuki AP50 (1977, before the 30 mph restriction) Best: Triumph Rocket 3 Now: Harley Street Glide.
  5. I have a 4K Panasonic from John lewis, which is very good. Netflix, Amazon prime and iPlayer are all built-in, and the software gets updated. I plugged it into the LAN and the aerial and it worked straight away - just had to log in to Netflix and Amazon Prime once.
  6. We did a blind test on the wam some years ago: CD's burned from FLAC vs wav vs mp3, all ripped from the same original CD. A couple of people (out of 5) could tell mp3 from wav or FLAC. No-one could tell FLAC from wav.
  7. I listen to mostly rock, pop, folk, and orchestral music on my Kensington SE's - as well as films and TV which all play through the stereo.
  8. Polo is crappy, like all other WVs. Fiesta is a much better car for less money.
  9. One of my German colleagues has just bought a Marantz NR1200 stereo receiver, 75 Wpc into 8 ohms. Any experience of speaker matching?
  10. In my teen years it would have been the air cooled RD400. One of my schoolmates got crippled on one.
  11. I'll be 60 in a couple of weeks, so I thought I'd buy something a bit more comfortable for my old age.
  12. And it looks and drives a lot better than the dull-as-ditchwater Mercedes
  13. The A Class came 25th out of 27 in a What Car reliability survey, so expect a few costs. They are also noisy and have an uncomfortable ride; avoid the AMG versions and big wheels. An A3 is a better bet.
  14. This is a great pre. We did a pre-amp bake-off a few years ago, and the L300 was beaten only by a Robert Koda which cost $31k...
  15. Pioneer have some universal players, but have stopped supplying to the UK because of Brexit.
  16. My mate had a Herald convertible with a Triumph 2500 S motor in it - it went everywhere sideways!
  17. If you want some future proofing/repairability then an Esoteric or a dCS with an Esoteric mech would be a good bet. They will also have decent built-in DACs, and some have digital inputs as well.
  18. Remember that they are not the brightest. They won, the UK lost - now they're pretending that it isn't so.
  19. Rees-Mogg reckoned it would be 40 years before the Brexit economic negative turned into a positive. So most Brexit voters have voted to spend the rest of their lives worse off. Of course Rees Mogg will be fine - he relocated his business to the EU.
  20. My system in my office at work (I haven't set foot in it for months!) is a Topping D10 USB DAC and a Pro-Ject Stereo Box Phono S. I needed compact plus phono stage and I couldn't find that in one box.
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