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  1. There's about one thousand films included with Amazon Prime - the 'free' ones I mean. The problem is searching through these films to find the gems can be a slow process, especially using the TV app. So, if you have Amazon Prime and you've seen a decent or even half-decent 'Included with Amazon Prime' film, post the titles here. Here's a few.. The Debt The Imitation Game April 9th Ao - The Last Hunter Rise of the Footsoldier (a straight to DVD movie, but one of the better ones)
  2. Trippy Eagle? Eagles on Acid? Eagles Got A Pict An’ Gonna Get Groovy With It (In A Cave)?
  3. I'm trying to think of a prog rock band who have something to do with eagles. Probably miles off. Gizza clue?
  4. ^ Good shout. I must watch that again sometime.
  5. A few more suggestions: The Spy Who Came in from the Cold is a classic 60s cold war political thriller, based on the John le Carre novel and a must see for the genre. This isn't an easy film to watch and about as far removed from a Bond spy movie as you can get. Superbly atmospheric. The Boys from Brazil which strictly speaking isn't a political thriller but does have a similar overall feel. More recently, The Debt (Helen Mirren) ticks all the right boxes and I really enjoyed The Bridge of Spies not least for the Oscar winning performance of Mark Rylance.
  6. Noisy guitars and shouty vocals but one track which is simply heavenly was about to be a clue. Yep. Waxy wins.
  7. Yesh, thank you LSD. I'll chuck one up in a few minutes.
  8. I believe it's a small part taken from the album Saucerful of Secrets by Pink Floyd. I remember staring at this particular album cover for quite some time after taking a microdot (not something I do anymore or have for a very long time).
  9. Some fans are also seeing subliminal messages in the patterns of blood in the snow.
  10. Yes I think it infers she has powers over aging and could bring jon snow back to life. Also to poke the viewer in the eye with some gratuitous granny vag. A good but not great opener. What happened to the vicious hounds in the fight scene?
  11. This article is a good primer on DAB+. The short version is DAB+ at 48kbps aacPlus is comparable sound wise to 128kbps MP2 DAB. For home listening internet radio still offers better sound quality and music choice than DAB, typically streaming at 128kbps MP3 or higher with radio stations covering every conceivable genre of music. I'm a big fan of internet radio, it really has changed the way I listen to music, especially in breadth and variety. Why the Beeb is wasting money on DAB 'pop-up stations' (like the OP mentioned) is anybody's guess. Increasingly useless format.
  12. mosfet

    New Scam

    This was flagged up on a guitar forum - and it's worth mentioning here too: ----- "I was just very nearly scammed out of my Friedman JJ setup. I have never heard or seen this spoken about before and if it wasn't for my bank I would be without my cash and no amp. What's happening is the buyer of the product offers to put the money straight into your bank and then offers to collect a few days later (to show faith he said). What I didn't know is the money is being paid in via cheque. Most on-line banking apps just show this as a credit. So you think the money has gone in, a few days later the buyer collects and then 7-10 days later the money is taken from your account as the cheque returned un paid. The banks cant do nothing about this and you loose everything. The police are now involved and I have been told it is happening a lot for products being bought 2nd hand. They are doing anything from £200 to £12000 and they seem to target high value watches to. Just a little heads up, some banks may of not picked up on this and there would be some very pissed of people out there."
  13. As I mentioned in my opening post my room acoustics aren't so bad I feel I need to use Room EQ Wizard to measure the room. All that's required is a little nudge in the right direction, a bit of a tweak. Equalizer APO gives me a set of digital tone controls, if you like. I did some more listening last night and decided I preferred a low shelf filter to a high pass. I'm able to take out just enough low energy from the room to clean everything up nicely - with the center frequency at 280Hz, -6dB attenuation and a gentle 6dB slope. The test tone disc is a good idea.